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3" Wood Shredder / Mulcher Rental - 14HP - Self Propelled - Auto Feed

Manufacturer: Eliet
Product Code: Prof 5

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The Portland area has an abundant supply of tree branches, blackberry bushes, shrubs and bamboo. This shredder can handle all of those organic materials and more. As long as your hard wood branches are 3" in diameter or less. At only 31 inches wide, this shredder can also fit through most back yard gates and since it's self propelled, it can drive itself into position closer to the location of your yard debris. This machine will NOT drive up or down steps or inclines of greater than 20% grade. Starting the engine is easy thanks to an electric starter. The adjustable blower chute allows you to control the output direction of the shredded material so you can send the debris into a wheel barrow, yard debris container, compost heap, the back of a truck/trailer or disperse the shredded materials around your property. An auto feeder grabs the material you feed in into the machine and pushes it through the shredding blades. A 22" wide by 20" high feed opening allows you to easily shred large bushy material and leaves. If you have debris of 3" inches or less then this is the machine you want to rent.
Reasons to Rent This Wood Shredder From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
  Eye Protection Required  Ear Protection Required  Hand Protection Required
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum size wood debris the machine will accept?
The manufacturer states that this machine can handn handle material up to 80mm or 3.14 inches in diameter.

How do I know if the cutting blades are dull?
At the time of delivery, the cutting side of the blades should feel sharp (not dull) and should be able to potentially cut a finger or skin. Blades can grow dull over the course of a rental and this is fine as long as they feel sharp to the touch at the time of delivery.

Can it shred bamboo?
Yes. This machine loves bamboo. Since bamboo is soft and generally hollow, this machine can handle bamboo shoots of much larger diameters.

What do I do if the machine clogs up?
No problem. At the time of delivery, we will show you how to clear out any clogs or jams in the machine.

Can it mulch leafs and other soft organic debris?
Yes. Leafs, shrubbs and other organic debris will be pulled the shredding knives and discharged from the blower shoot.

Can it go up stairs?
Although this shredder is self-propelled, it is too heavy to go up stairs.

Can it drive or operate on steep terrain?
No. Driving or operating the machine on steep terrain may cause it to tip over.

Do I need to fill the tank up with gas when I'm finished?
Yes. We deliver the equipment with a full tank of gas and we ask that you top of the tank when you are finished. Don't worry, we carry equipment gas in our delivery van and we will try to leave you with more than enough gas to get through your project.

Blow Chute

A blower turbine is integrated into the design of this shredder, enabling the machine to have a powerful discharge system. This allows the shredding of damp natural trimmings with minimal risk of blockage. The turbine creates a suction affect through the feed hopper and ensures that leafy natural trimmings flow through the machine since they are being sucked through.

Feed Roller

The auto-feed roller conveys the wood through the machine. In other words, you only have to feed the wood into the feed chute and the machine will pull it the rest of the way through. The feed roller has three settings: forward (feed), reverse and stop.

Anti Block Motor

This regulates the feed roller speed to adjust the feed of the wood when the engine slows down, therefore reducing the risk of jamming up the machine. This means that the machine controls the flow of the wood and regulates itself, allowing you to keep working on other things.

Feed-In Funnel

A 22 inch wide by 20 inch tall feed-in opening makes it easy to feed large amounts of organic material.

Wheel Drive

At 750 lbs, this machine is heavy, but thanks to a self-propelled wheel drive system it can drive itself into position. The swivel castor wheels allow for maneuvering between obstacles. A handlebar mounted lever allows you to change forward and reverse speeds with a simple flick of your wrist. The more you move the lever, the faster the machine will go.
Craig - Jul 2, 2011
Rented chipper for yard clean up. Equipment was great and Anna did a great job showing how to use safely and efficiently.
Tricia and Eric - Jul 28, 2011
Tricia and Eric Rented a chipper and they did everything right: online scheduling with minimal paperwork, home delivery with rental time only starting after very effective training, well maintained machine, chipper was the right size for our job and it ran like a clock. My sense is that they have looked at the rental process for homeowners and have discovered ways to out perform other rental services through removing barriers that we typically encounter - like how to haul heavy machines to and from rental yards and definite delivery and pickup times. Would strongly recommend them for home equipment rentals.
Ruth B - April 22, 2012
It was remarkable that I could schedule a brush chipper rental online the night before about midnight. Easy. So much less hassle than driving to a big box and arranging to rent, tow a chipper and return it. Life has enough stresses as it is. Equipment was well-cared for. This was a breeze!
Matthew - Apr 16, 2012
The equipment arrived at my doorstep clean, exactly as pictured, and in good working order. Great support from the guys when I ran into trouble (didn't notice that I was tripping a safety switch). I would not hesitate to rent more gear from YardRents. They're working hard to build a great business and it shows.
Mike - Apr 16, 2012
Very impressed with service and equipment. Rented the wood chipper Saturday April14th. Delivered on time with Text message sent with estimated time day of delivery. Friendly employees. Chipper never jammed. I would definitely rent from these guys again.
Felix B. - May 27, 2012
rented a shredder and stumpgrinder today. stunning service, great machines - great price - same as last time, thanks to yardrents :)
Barb - Apr 23, 2012
Took the hassle out of renting a brush chipper. I had intended to rent from Home Depot, but the nearest one doesn't rent tools and it was late at night by the time I went online and found this out. Went to, found they deliver a small chipper, and was even able to schedule right online then and there! The guys who came are real peaches and the equipment in good shape. They kept in touch with the timing of delivery and made everything go smoothly. Old-fashioned good service. Yay!
Brett M. - June 3, 2012
Great experience with the Wood Chipper I rented. Michael was very professional, fast and efficient. I would recommend to anyone and will most likely use them again in the near future.
K M. - July 19, 2012
Lining up the rental online was very easy. Delivery was on time, and Jordan moved the chipper to where I needed it and gave excellent instructions and left me with plenty of gas. The equipment was in excellent condition, functioned very well, and was highly efficient. I got through my project in less time than expected. Then they came and picked it up, and I didn't have to be home--receipt by email. I plan to rent more large equipment from them. This is one great service!
Chris B. - Aug 3, 2012
Would definately use this service again, convenient! Needing a medium pile of cleared brush and branches gone and also needing mulch for ground cover, I rented the wood shredder/mulcher. With Steve's help getting in the right place in the garden and his great instructions, it was no problem, even a bit fun, watching that ugly pile turned into ground cover in less than 2 hours. So glad we didn't buy a cheap shredder for this task, the powerful mulcher did the job for a very reasonable price, all done by 2 women a bit past middle age.
Eric B. - June 30, 2013
So far, we've rented the wood chipper and stump grinder combo, and deck sanders. How can you beat excellent service, free scheduled pickup and delivery, and equipment that is in good shape. Plus, for the jobs we've done, the traditional rental places aren't even price competitive, forgetting the fact that they have the added hassle of not offering delivery. Yardrents all the way. Just another reason for out of towners to be jealous of PDX. Now, if YardRents only had a concrete grinder...
Nathan S. - March 11, 2013
So, Saturday afternoon, emboldened by the sunshine, I decided I wanted to cut down a small tree that blocks out all of the light into our bedroom. By Saturday evening, most of my backyard was one giant pile of evergreen branches. Somehow I had had failed to consider the debris. Oops. After a quick search I learned that Home Depot rents a mulcher, but you need a trailer hitch to tow it home. Also, it's giant. Then I found YardRents, and realized I could get a much more sensibly sized mulcher delivered to my house for significantly less money. At about 10:00 p.m., I placed an order and, about 12 hours later, Dan unloaded it in my driveway. We wheeled it into my backyard (through a regular-sized garden gate), and, after a quick tutorial, I was on my way. I ended up finishing early and, after texting Dan, he arrived to pick it up in about 20 minutes. Even though I had reserved the mulcher for four hours, they only charged me for the time I had it. The whole process was totally painless. I will definately be using them again.
Craig L. - July 1, 2013
Another great experience with YardRents! Their new Chippers are easy to work with and get job done faster. Delivery was on time, training easy to understand, provided safety equipment, place Chipper were I needed it and don't have to present for pick up. If you need to rent equipment this is the place.
Operator Manuals

Height: 55 inches
Width: 30 inches
Length: 66 inches
Engine: Subaru EX40 ES
Horsepower: 14
Number of Shredding Knives: 24
Shreddable Timber Diameter: 3.14 inches
Starter: Electric
Gas Tank Size: 1.85 Gallon
Weight: 732 pounds
Discharge Height: 55 inches
Discharge Type: Turbine Blower
Feed Intake Opening: 22 inches wide by 20 inches high
Propultion: Hydrostatic Self-Propelled
Feed Type: Auto-Feed (reversable)
Prior To Using the Wood Shredder

Designate a level location where the wood chipper can operate without tipping.

Pile all of your branches, brush and debris into one location so you don't have to transport them very far to feed them into the machine.

Determine where you want the shredded debris to go. You can aim the discharge chute so that debris goes into a yard debris bin, compost heap or any other location.

Clear the area of by-standers, children, animals and anything else that can be hurt or damaged by flying debris.

Consider telling your neighbors when you will be shredding so they can be prepared for the extra noise.

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