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Tiller / Rototiller Rental

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Manufacturer: Barreto
Product Code: E918H

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We love this tiller because it's only 23 inches wide and easily fits into the backyard of nearly every Portland area home. Our customers love this tiller because it's self-propelled (variable speed) and can easily till into tough soil conditions with very little effort on the part of the operator. Best of all, this tiller can switch between tilling mode and cultivating mode with a simple flip of a lever.

This tiller is most commonly rented to break-up yards to create new gardens, for annual garden cultivation and to prepare yards for new grass seed or sod.
Reasons to Rent This Tiller From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
  Eye Protection Required  Ear Protection Required  Foot Protection Required
Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tiller fit through my fence gate?
The tiller is only 23" wide. It's designed to fit through even the smallest doorway and gate openings.

Should I make two passes or just one?
That depends on how deep you are trying to go. This tiller will till 6" to 9" deep on the first pass. Making a second pass will allow it to till a few inches deeper, depending on soil conditions.

Can I till in the rain?
Yes. The tiller will operate in the rain, however, you will probably get a little muddy. Ideally you will be tilling damp soil. Not too wet, not too dry. Results from tilling wet soil can vary and are generally a little less than ideal.

How deep does it till?
1 to 12 inches.

Is it self propelled?
Yes. It has 2 self propelled tires.

How soon after tilling can I begin to seed or plant?

Should I water the area before tilling.
Yes. The area should be moist beneath the surface, but not wet and muddy since that will cause the wheels to slip and cause compaction of the soil as you walk behind the tiller.

Northwest Seed & Soil Amendments
Chris - Apr 12, 2010
YR was an awesome experience! The staff was super friendly and quick to respond when I had a question. I needed an aerator and a rototiller for some spring work and I certainly wasn't going to buy. After checking the big stores I ran across YR. Cheaper and drop off / pick up ? ! What !? Can't beat it. Awesome service and I will definitely return.
Olivia - May 1, 2010
What a great experience! I rented a rototiller on I'm relatively new to "heavy duty" gardening, but I needed to till the yard and looked around for rototillers to rent. I went with yardrents because their prices were better than the big stores like Home Depot and Lowes, especially when you consider they deliver the equipment and pick it up so all I had to do was my project. No time wasted trying to figure out how I would borrow a truck from a friend or rent a uhaul or something to get the rototiller to my house. The yardrents rep gave me a quick tutorial on how to use the machine (which was extremely helpful as I'm not the most savvy with high powered gardening equipment), as well as a neatly bulleted list of instructions and safety features. The machine was in great shape and I got the job done in less time than I originally thought it would take me. Thanks for a great experience, would definitely recommend, and use again for any upcoming projects!
Norman - Apr 11, 2011
Great deal! Excellent service! Knowledgeable staff! Very convenient -- especially for DIY'rs. As new homeowners trying to save money by doing-it-ourselves, we've used twice so far. Ordering online was easy and has always been prompt answering any questions I've had. During our first rental, we had planned on spending the day tilling our backyard, but it took a fraction of that time using the tiller offered by Their tiller equipment was far larger and more powerful than what we could have hauled from a rental store. This weekend, we rented an auger for fence post holes. Having never operated an auger and being unsure about our soil, it was very reassuring to practice a post hole with's Dan on-site. I doubt we would have rented an auger without having a knowledgeable professional on-site. Even better, when we realized we had to rent the auger longer to finish our fence (through no fault of the equipment), went above and beyond expectations allowing us to extend our rental time and even provided helpful advice. We'll definitely use again!
Kevin - Apr 8, 2012
I rented a sod cutter and rototiller from YardRents and was very impressed with the service. Dan and Jordan arrived right in the middle of my requested delivery time window (and sent me a text message heads-up an hour before with their projected arrival time), the tools were clean and worked perfectly, and the hands-on tool lesson they provided was just right. YardRents does the hard work of delivering and picking up the tools, so you can spend your energy in the garden. I'll certainly be using their service again.
Todd P - May 4, 2012
Rented the sexy-beast of a rototiller last weekend ....what a great experience! The machine was simply amazing, turned a 2 day job into a 2 hour job! I was sad to have to give it back after my 2 hr rental :( The whole operation is first-rate....first, you get a text message saying when they will arrive at your place. Then, a super cool guy pulls up in a slick Sprinter van, removes the machine with an electric lift, gives a thorough tutorial on how to use it, takes it to backyard and positions it for me to start my get the point. In a word RAVE REVIEW, great experience, will definitely recommend to everyone and use them again!
Ryan - May 20, 2012
Great company!! So far I have rented a sod cutter and a Rototiller and have really enjoyed the service. They have been great about dropping off the equipment and really taking the time to make sure we knew how to use everything. I look forward to working with them in the future and highly recommend Yardrents!!
Brett J. - Apr 19, 2013
Excellent service. The equipment was delivered early, it was in excellent condition and operated perfectly. I was able to completely till up my front yard for replanting in less than a day. The fact that delivery is included in the rental fee (which was actually less than a local hardware supply chain store wanted for the same unit, which I would have to transport) was the real deal maker. They dropped off the tiller, showed me how to operate it, and showed up on time for pick up. All around superb service. I will definitely rent from these folks again, should the need arise.
Janel L. - May 20, 2013
I love working with YardRents! We are in the process of replacing our lawn with native and edible plants. Last week we removed the sod and today we used the tiller package to till in compost, grade, roll and smooth out the soil and then overseed with a cover crop (crimson clover) until our garden design is complete. Loren has delivered the equipment to us both times, teaching and demonstrating how to use everything. He is always patient with our questions and glad to revise the delivery times should we complete the projects early. I also appreciate the rates and how easy it is to order the equipment and delivery online!
Operator Manuals
Barreto Tiller Owners Manual

Engine: 9 Horse Power - Honda
Wheel Width: 21"
Weight: 460 lbs.
Length: 66"
Height: 28"
Width: 23"
Tine Width: 18"
Tine Diameter: 13"
Prior To Using the Tiller

Identify any potential underground obstacle and obstructions. This includes possibly calling your local utility companies or 811 to have underground utilities identified.

Clear area of any above ground obstructions and mark all sprinkler heads.

Decide what amendments you want to till into the soil and have them standing-by. These include, fertilizer, compost, gravel, lime, manure, etc...

Make sure tilling area has been watered by rain or hose 24 hours prior to tilling, especially if you have clay in the ground. Soil will till better if it's moist.

Tilling can be loud and dusty. Give your neighbors advance notice of what you will be doing.

The tiller is very heavy. Make sure that you have identified any steps, walls, or barriers that might make it difficult to get the tiller to the jobsite.

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