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Sod Cutter Rental - 18 Inch Cutting Width

Manufacturer: Ryan
Product Code: 544954C

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Whether it's for a new garden or yard, Portland homeowners love to tear out grass and sod. We went on a search for the most maneuverable sod cutter on the market and this is what we found. This sod cutter is self propelled, extremely maneuverable, has an 18 inch cutting blade and has significantly less vibration transferred than other sod cutters. It has a swiveling castor wheel on the back that allows the machine to cut curved landscape features or perfectly straight lines. The blade depth is controllable so you can set the cutting deepth as deep as 2.5 inches.
Reasons to Rent This Sod Cutter From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
  Eye Protection Required  Ear Protection Required  Foot Protection Required
Frequently Asked Questions

Does the sod cutter require a lot of physical labor?
No. It's self-propelled. This means that the large wheels under the machine will pull it forward so all you have to do is steer.

How much fuel does the sod cutter use?
This Sod Cutter is very fuel-efficient. Most projects will require less than a gallon of gas from start to finish.

How long does it take to cut 1000 square feet of grass/sod?
It really depends on the operator and how you plan to deal with the sod after you cut it. If you have someone rolling up the sod and moving it out of the way , while you are cutting, then you can possibly cut 1000 square feet of sod in about 2 hours.

Is sod heavy?
Yes. Depending on moisture levels, a 5 foot by 12 inch section of sod can weigh up to 60 pounds. You don't want to try to roll up a long row of sod. Instead, you should plan to break it up in to manageable sections. Otherwise, you can find yourself straining to pickup and move large 100+ pound rolls of grass and dirt.

How close can I get to concrete curbs, paths, and sidewalks?
You can usually visualize the distance between the cutting blade and a concrete path by simply looking around and down between the front and back wheels on the side closest to the concrete. Use your hands, eyes, and ears to determine if you are too close to the concrete. If you feel or hear unusual sounds (like metal rubbing concrete) or if you see the blade within an inch of the concrete then steer the machine away from the concrete. This does not require a significant change of course, but rather a gentle nudge away.

How long will I need it?
The average Portland area home owner is done cutting within 2 hours.

  • Lift sod from fairways to allow for drain trenching
  • Stripping turf from tee boxes and practice greens
  • Remove or expand shrub and flower beds
  • Remove grass to install a patio or walkway
  • Relocate sod to create a vegetable garden

ktastical - Jun 4, 2011
I Rented A Sod Cutter From These Guys and it was fantastic! The machine worked as well as was advertised, but even more importantly, Anna made sure I understood how to use the machine and who to call if I had questions. I am super impressed by the service I received; their prices are competitive but their service seals the deal. Rent from these folks.
Pratima - May 10, 2010
Excellent people Excellent service... I had plans for the front yard landscape projects for days now which included pulling out the Sod. Renting the Sod Cutter from home depot wasn't an option since I don't have a truck, so bringing the equipment from rental place wasn't an option for me. Couple of days ago, was just searching for innovative ways to easily pull the sod and YardRents site showed up in one of the web pages. First I couldn't believe since I didn't know if they were local store or out of town. Prices were pretty reasonable. Web site is pretty intuitive and the first thing that caught my eyes that rental included Delivery and Pickup!!!! To be able to see and select the rental time and what's the available window is awesome. I also called to get couple of questions asked and Anna was very friendly and made me comfortable. First I was going to rent it for a full day, but Anna gave me a time estimate and I was able to just rent it for 2 hours which saved me money. Dan and Anna delivered, demonstrated, let me do a trial run in front of them and picked up in the evening. It was nice of them to not charge me for extra time. I am planning on renting more equipments from them in future and highly recommend it for anyone who is planning on renting any tools from anywhere else/
kb - Apr 28, 2010
Hassle-free and economical Saturday morning we requested an edger and sod cutter...Saturday afternoon, they were delivered. It was incredibly convenient. We didn't need to borrow a truck. We didn't need to wait in line at Home Depot. We didn't need to lift heavy machinery. We just worked in the yard until YardRents delivered the equipment and showed us how to use it. I highly recommend this business.
Kevin - Apr 8, 2012
I rented a sod cutter and rototiller from YardRents and was very impressed with the service. Dan and Jordan arrived right in the middle of my requested delivery time window (and sent me a text message heads-up an hour before with their projected arrival time), the tools were clean and worked perfectly, and the hands-on tool lesson they provided was just right. YardRents does the hard work of delivering and picking up the tools, so you can spend your energy in the garden. I'll certainly be using their service again.
Scott - Apr 16, 2012
I rented a sod remover from these guys... it was promptly delivered, I was well trained, and all at a reasonable price. I removed 1/3 of my back yard with it and right at the end, the belt broke. picked up the machine and when a replacement belt could not be found, they bought a new machine and brought it back to my house. That's great service! Thanks guys!
Aurelia - Apr 22, 2012
I am 5'3" and weigh 117 - I used the sod cutter alone. Bit difficult turning but thanks to the patience and expertise of the two who delivered the machine was able to complete the project. They were on time, very very helpful and picked up when promised. What a great company - and great people who work there!!!
Joanna B. - May 6, 2012
What a great service! We needed a Sod Cutter and a Rototiller on consecutive days. YardRents delivered both items allowing our project to progress seamlessly. Their service, instruction and professionalism is unsurpassed. Today I placed my third order with YardRents and plan to use them as long as my "heavy" equipment needs continue. Not having to rent a trailer or borrow a truck to get the equipment home is priceless.
Ryan - May 20, 2012
Great company!! So far I have rented a sod cutter and a Rototiller and have really enjoyed the service. They have been great about dropping off the equipment and really taking the time to make sure we knew how to use everything. I look forward to working with them in the future and highly recommend Yardrents!!
Joseph H. - May 31, 2012
YardRent's service was very prompt, professional, helpful, and friendly. I rented a sod cutter, and it was VERY helpful that they delivered it, demonstrated how to use it, and patiently made sure that I actually knew how to use it. Since they delivered the machine, I didn't need to rent a truck or a trailer, and so it was cheaper for me than renting at the local big box store, and much more convenient. I will definitely use them again.
Matthew k. - June 4, 2012
What a awesome service. Sod Cutter delivery and pickup with hands-on instruction made killing my lawn a breeze! Recommended!
Laszlo - May 1, 2012
These guys are great. I had to rent a sod cutter, but had never used one before. They made sure I understood how it worked and gave me a few helpful tips. The sod cutter saved me so much time and was such a good value considering the delivery and pick up. I will definitely use Yardrents again on future projects
Janel L. - May 20, 2013
I love working with YardRents! We are in the process of replacing our lawn with native and edible plants. Last week we removed the sod and today we used the tiller package to till in compost, grade, roll and smooth out the soil and then overseed with a cover crop (crimson clover) until our garden design is complete. Loren has delivered the equipment to us both times, teaching and demonstrating how to use everything. He is always patient with our questions and glad to revise the delivery times should we complete the projects early. I also appreciate the rates and how easy it is to order the equipment and delivery online!
Lizzie E. - May 6, 2013
This service is terrific. We needed to cut out about 2k square feet of sod, but a sod cutter does not fit in our tiny hatchback. Found YardRents, and it turns out for roughly the price of a Home Depot rental you can have the equipment dropped at your door and picked up when you're done. Loren also gave us a demo and helped us get started. We will definitely be renting from this company again in the future!!
Paul L. - May 16, 2013
The service is great! I found YardRents online by accident. I was trying to figure out how to get a sod cutter to my house, it wasn't going into my honda. I even ordered it late for the next day. The online program was easy to figure out. They were very nice, prompt, professional, even went out of their way to help me with some muscle and went through almost 3000sf of lawn in less than an hour. I am glad i ordered the extra gas. I will recommend them to all my friends and will use them again myself.
Operator Manuals

Speed: Up to 135 ft. per minute
Cutting Width: 18 inches
Length: 53 inches
Height: 40 inches
Weight: 373 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: .82 Gallons
Cutting Speed: Up To 200 square feet per minute
Prior To Using the Sod Cutter

Evaluate the terrain to determine how to safely perform the job.

Clear the area to be cut of objects such as rocks, toys, wire or other debris that may be thrown or get tangled in the sod cutter.

Be sure the area is clear of pets and people, especially young children. Never assume they will remain where you last saw them.

Plan to cut sod only in daylight or in good artificial light.

check with the local authorities for underground utility location and depth. Do not operate where there is any risk of contacting underground utilities.

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