Return Policy

You may return new, unopened retail items sold and delivered by within 30 days of order completion for a full refund. Items should be returned in their original product packaging and show no signs of damage or use.

There are two ways to complete a return.

  1. When the driver returns to your location to pickup any rental equipment and complete your rental order, simply present the retail items to the driver and they can be removed from the order before your credit card is charged.

  2. If you decide to return items after the driver completes your order or if your order did not contain rental items (no rental pickup scheduled) then you have 30 days from order completion to ship the retail items back to us for a full refund of those items. Just make sure that you include a copy of the receipt or rental agreement showing the order number and the item(s) being returned.

Please keep in mind that returns may affect discounts or promotions that are calculated on order totals.