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Mower / High Weed Mower Rental

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Manufacturer: Billy Goat
Product Code: HW651HSP

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This amazing mower is powerful enough to easily cut through overgrown weeds and knee-high grasses, yet still provide a smooth cut for a perfectly manicured lawn.
Reasons to Rent This Mower From YardRents
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Recommended Protection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this mower handle waist high weeds?
Yes. Ideally you will be mowing knee high weeds and grass, however, we have seen this mower handle much taller grass and weeds. Taller weeds may require manual maneuvering so that it does not cut off more than it can chew. Under its own power it will attempt to move forward too fast and that can cause the mower to stall under the stain of trying to mow too much at once.

Can this mower handle brush or wooded growth?
No. If the weed is too strong for you to pull apart with your hands then it's probably too large for the mower. You should use the Brush Cutter for these type of projects.

Can the cutting height be adjusted?
Yes. Height can be adjusted in 1/2" increments between 2 and 4 inches.

Have some property that you can't mow every week? Have a lawn that always seems to be one step ahead of you? Once a lawn has past a certain length it will bog down the average lawn mower and make mowing a nightmare. Situations like these call for the High Weed Mower. This amazing mower is powerful enough to easily cut through overgrown weeds and knee-high grasses, yet still provide a smooth cut for a perfectly manicured lawn. The large rear wheels smooth out uneven surfaces and add stability on hillsides. A heavy-duty, three-speed shift on-the-fly transmission delivers safe and easy operation. For power and durability, the High Weed mower features a commercial-duty Honda engine. The floating 24" mowing deck is adjustable in 1/2" increments from 2 inches to 4 inches.
Matt - May 25, 2011
Over the course of the last few months my lawn has been in dire straits. Today, my roommate and I set forth in removing the grass, which had now grown up to our waist. Thank Christ for, we signed up to have the Billy Goat, smiter of sod, on Monday and it arrived on our front porch on Tuesday afternoon right on time. There we met "Dan" who within 5 minutes had unloaded our hammer of dawn and given us a brief lesson. He was extremely genuine, funny, and stayed around to make sure The Billy Goat would meet our needs. Suffice to say, it took way less time than we anticipated for our lawn to go from a hideous jungle to a pristine country club fairway. We called Dan and he even picked up our mower early! I would recommend to anyone to fulfill their lawn mowing endeavors
James P. - Jul 24, 2013
Let my backyard go and had to rent a big mower. Found YardRents, and found they they DELIVER and pick up the equipment. Great idea, AMAZING customer service. If they ever went public, I would invest!
Operator Manuals
Owners Manual

Horsepower: 6.5 hp Honda
Prior To Using the Mower

Identify above ground obstructions. High weeds might make it difficult to see obstructions so you may want to walk the area beforehand.

Clear the area of Children and pets. Rocks and other hidden obstruction can become projectiles and can cause injury.

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