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Hardwood Floor Drum Sander Rental

Manufacturer: Essex
Product Code: SL-8

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  • The 1 hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with unique cam locking system work together enabling you to obtain professional sanding results.
  • Tilt action allows for more controlled and even sanding. While sanding forward and backward, you can be assured of straight sanding because it runs on the drum and wheels. The weight of the machine is specifically designed and evenly distributed for the best results.
  • The sandpaper is held between 2 spring-loaded cams.
  • Drum runs at 1800 RPM constantly on 14 amps (standard household current). Since the drum does not slow down or speed up as it sands, you end up with a level and smooth finish without waves.
  • Includes 25? power cord with twist lock connectors and standard plug, dust bag & wrenches
Reasons to Rent This Floor Sander From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure about the types and quantities of Sandpaper and Screens that I will need. Can you provide those when you delivery the sander?
Yes. We bring a full selection of sandpaper for the sander when we deliver it. We will make sure to leave you with more than enough to finish your project. We will not charge you for sandpaper/screens that you don't use.

Krista - Jun 6, 2011
One of The Best Customer Service Experiences I've had in a long time. Great equipment, friendly staff, reasonably priced. And home delivery is ultra convenient! It made our landscaping project seem so smooth and efficient.
Operator Manuals

Motor: 1 HP constant speed, 115 volt, AC only, 60 Cycle, single phase. Runs on 14 amps.
Drum: Standard 8? width, soft rubber cover with aluminum drum core, spring loaded cam paper locking system, takes 8 x 20 3/16? paper
Drum Speed: 1800 RPM, constant speed
Weight: 115 lbs
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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Package
This package inculdes our Drum Sander, Floor Edger, and Orbital Floor Polisher.