Here's what people are saying about YardRents:

Azhar J. - May 15, 2015
Phenomenal service... delivery, pick-up and on site training. I power raked my entire yard and seeded within 20mins. Something that would have taken me about a whole day manually. Dan was super helpful and very courteous. I will be using them for a long time for yard rental and for other tool needs.

Ben W. - May 12, 2015
Certainly the delivery option is the selling point with YardRents. I got a sod cutter from them for 4 hours and it was easy-peasy. And they were very thorough when explaining operations of the equipment. I'd use them again. One small note. Be sure to check equipment fuel levels upon delivery. They told me the sod cutter had a full tank of gas upon delivery but it died after about three minutes of operation and the tank turned out to be empty. Probably an honest mistake, but just worth checking to as not to get nickel-and-dimed out of fuel costs. Amended review: After posting the above, within 10 minutes, Dan, the owner of YardRents, called me to sincerely apologize for oversight on the gas situation and has discounted fuel costs from my final bill. For that type of quick response customer service I give five stars. Gas was a pretty minor oversight that YardRents could have easily ignored but they took the time to make it right. Job well done. And let me reiterate that the fellow who managed my order and delivery/pickup was top-notch in every other regard. Knowledgeable, friendly, on-time, and professional.

Scott B. - May 11, 2015
Great experience! Such a smart service. And they're doing it right. Highly communicative about estimated arrival time, great demo of the equipment, great service. And it's affordable! Will definitely be renting with them again in the future.

Bill S. - May 10, 2015
2nd year in a row rented a tiller from YardRents . Reasonably priced, quick and friendly service. 10/5 would rent from again.

Jared R. - May 10, 2015
Rented a high weed mower for a couple hours. The experience really couldn't have been any better. Arrived on time. Super helpful in explaining everything to me. They even made sure that I had enough gas on hand for the job. Pick up was painless. I will definitely be renting from them again for some of my summer projects. An all around great local business.

Susan I. - May 7, 2015
Excellent customer service, love that equipment is delivered and picked up AND rates are lower than the local Depot. Dan was great and really helpful. We will definitely use YardRents again.

Jim Z. - May 6, 2015
Great service. They bring gear to you, they get you going and then pick it up when you're done. Spend your time on your job instead of fiddling around back and forth to the rental shop. Perfect !

William A. - May 3, 2015
YardRents is such a great company. I rave about them because they have a plethora of options for equipment rental for your average homeowner. They deliver and pickup all for free and the pricing is very reasonable. Finally the staff have been great. Troy and Dan were great. I don't think there is any other company like this one and I will continue to use them whenever I can. Give YardRents a try!

Matthew R. - May 3, 2015
Love these guys. Have used them twice for power washing. Great equipment and can't beat the free delivery.

Jared R. - May 3, 2015
Rented a high weed mower for a couple hours. The experience really couldn't have been any better. Arrived on time. Super helpful in explaining everything to me. They even made sure that I had enough gas on hand for the job. Pick up was painless. I will definitely be renting from them again for some of my summer projects. An all around great local business.

Erica N. - May 2, 2015
Rented 4pieces of equipment. They stuck around to show us how to use them. Worked really well. Much better than renting from big box store and almost killing ourselves getting the machines in and out of the back of our pick up. Also, a million times cheaper then the 10k quote we received for pros to do the job for us.

Mike H. - May 2, 2015
Great service. Did what they promised and more. Will definitely use again. Mike H. SW Portland

Ryan S. - May 1, 2015
Rented a Toro STX-26 log splitter. I was amazed at how easy it was to order and schedule delivery all online. The delivery showed up in the time frame selected, and I received a text message confirmation of the estimated arrival time prior to delivery! YardRents took time to show me proper operating instructions as well as usage tips. Additionally, they sent a text inquiring about how the job was coming and if I would need more time. These guys are awesome! Will definitely use them again for future projects. Nice work YardRents!

Heather H. - Apr 28, 2015
Amazing company to work with. We rented a stump grinder and it was awesome to have them deliver the machine, give a lesson on how to use it at our house and then pick up up when we were done with it. I am looking forward to our next yard project and renting from YardRents again.

Lewis M. - Apr 28, 2015
Wish I'd known about YardRents before. What a great outfit. I rented the Tilling Package to redo a lawn and everything went perfectly. Dan, the delivery guy was so helpful in giving instructions and it was so convenient having everything brougt to me and picked up afterward. I recommend YardRents highly and will definitely use them for other yard projects. Goodbye Home Depot rentals; Hello to my new best yard friends!

J Y - Apr 26, 2015
We decided on a Sat evening that we were going to do some yard work on Sunday that we had been putting off. Was able to secure a wood chipper and tiller with YardRents for Sunday morning. Couldn't believe how easy it was and was able to reserve on such a sort notice. I actually called around to another rental company before and it was going to be twice the cost when you factor in delivery. Next day Dan arrived on time and showed us how use the equipment. He was very patient with all our questions. He didn't leave until we were comfortable with operating both the chipper and the tiller. Even made sure we had hearing protection. YardRents is a great value without having to sacrifice service or professional well maintained equipment.

Paul N. - Apr 25, 2015
Great stuff. I needed a high end pressure washer to prep a home for sale. Walkways, patios, retaining walls, etc. Not only did YardRents have the ultimate equipment, their delivery and pickup service (thanks Dan) was incredibly convenient ... beginning with their easy online reservations system and text message notification system, along with excellent instruction on using the equipment. Bottom line, you may pay a slight premium over a rental only arrangement, but in my opinion the accompanying services are a great value.

Heather H. - Apr 24, 2015
So excited to find this business. This has got to be one of Portland's best kept secrets. This company is amazing. Delivered the equipment that I easily ordered online, showed me how to use it and will pick it up when I'm done. This is going to save me time and money! Looking forward to the next yard project and renting equipment again!!!

William H. - Apr 21, 2015
This service was super helpful! He came and explained exactly how to use the machine and even provided extra gas in the event that i ran out on the job site. Worth every penny

S Schoening - Apr 20, 2015
This is a fantastic service. Our lawn was in need of renovation , and YardRents came up as a search result for equipment rental. It is a local company and provided everything we needed for our DIY project: power rake, aerator, lime, a gravel-like product for drainage, seed and mulch. The equipment is functional and well kept, scheduling was easy online, delivery is predictable, prices are very reasonable, and the advice was knowledgeable and thorough. The owner is professional, intelligent and hard-working. It was a tremendous help to have all equipment and supplies delivered to our front yard. Many thanks to Dan and YardRents!

Maia N. - Apr 20, 2015
This service is AWESOME!! They show up with all the tools you need for your project and even tools and materials you didn't know you needed for your project. Then they spend as much time as needed explaining all the tools and how to best complete the project. So great, I highly recommend it!

Mary R. - Apr 20, 2015,
YardRents is an excellent company. I was extremely pleased with the delivery option , the promptness, the excellent condition of the rototiller we rented, and pick-up when we were finished. Texting messages kept us informed throughout the entire process from order to pick up. Dan was amazing! Great to find people you can trust and admire.

Maia N. - Apr 17, 2015
We used YardRents for our huge tilling project and it was amazing! They were very easily to communicate with and they were extremely thorough. They delivered all the tools we needed and even had materials we needed but didn't even know we needed until we started the project. They took the extra time to explain all the tools to us and give us a demonstration. We plan on using them again for any tool rentals we need in the future.

Allen S. - Apr 15, 2015
I needed a Rototiller to till a vegetable garden , and do not have a pickup truck to transport one to my home. YardRents delivered a tiller to my house right on time, and Dan showed me how to use it. He went above and beyond by assisting me by getting the tiller into position in a sloped garden area. The tiller was a newer unit, and worked perfectly. After the job was complete, Dan returned and picked up the tiller. Overall a great experience.

Tommy T. - Apr 15, 2015
First time using YardRents and they delivered a great 3" Wood Chipper/Shredder. Dan provided outstanding service drop-off/pick-up and even shared troubleshooting pointers that came in handy (if it stops running, a branch might have knocked the safety handle out of place)! The self-feeding, extra large hopper made short work of our apple tree prunings and pine limbs up to 3". We had so much fun watching it devour everything we threw at it, we fired up the saw and trimmed more trees. Nothing like having the equipment dropped off then picked up after a long day of physical labor. Your equipment is top notch and service is awesome.

Denise B. - Apr 15, 2015
Being a female without a truck I can't think of anything better than someone dropping off power equipment, showing me how to use it and picking it up a few hours later when the job was complete! Made quick work of a lawn restoration in a half-day Saturday project!!! To top it off they were communicative, timely and courteous which is so rare these days. THANK YOU YARDRENTS!!! Denise

Allison J. - Apr 15, 2015
Dan was amazing with YardRents. I got the de-thatcher / aerator package with seed and initially canceled last minute (due to heavy storm, an hour before drop off) and Dan had no problem rescheduling. He quickly moved me two weeks later to accommodate for the weather. He was clear with arrival time throughout with texts, and even gave us a few hours more of time since traffic was bad and he was about a half hour late. They have your best interest in mind, are helpful, and easy to work with. A rarity these days it seems. Loved using these guys and will always recommend them!

Mike W. - Apr 15, 2015
We had a great experience with YardRents. Dan showed up and gave a great orientation on using the wood chipper and stump grinder we rented. That was really important, since we had never used this kind of power equipment before. They texted us when they were on their way for delivery and pickup, too. I highly recommend Yard Rents!

Jessica M. - Apr 6, 2015
What everyone else has said. Great communication, great lessons on their machinery, great convenience. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Shannon M. - Apr 5, 2015
I'm so happy with the tools and service we've received from YR. Our second year renting from them and the whole process is great. Competitive pricing, great service and equipment in awesome condition. The YR relationship has allowed us to take on some big projects in our yard and garden. I look forward to trying out a new tool in the future.

Justin W. - Mar 26, 2015
First time using YardRents and they delivered a great 3" Wood Chipper/Shredder. Dan provided outstanding service drop-off/pick-up and even shared troubleshooting pointers that came in handy (if it stops running, a branch might have knocked the safety handle out of place)! The self-feeding, extra large hopper made short work of our apple tree prunings and pine limbs up to 3". We had so much fun watching it devour everything we threw at it, we fired up the saw and trimmed more trees. Nothing like having the equipment dropped off then picked up after a long day of physical labor. Your equipment is top notch and service is awesome.

Stephanie L. - Mar 22, 2015
Awesome company! Great price, quick, and convenient. We will be using them again in the future for sure. smile :)

Joshua C. - Mar 20, 2015
This place was great. Rented a tiller and all stuff to seed a lawn. They dropped it off no hassles. Great service, all the equipment worked well. Will use them again. I like their business model that allows homeowners to take on big jobs.

Kylan H. - Mar 15, 2015
Renting is amazingly convenient and easy. Webpage makes easy to find and reserve equipment. Don't have to worry about picking up the equipment or dropping it off. I was recommended Yard Rents by a neighbor and defiantly recommend the service to anyone in need of a good equipment rental company.

Stacy B. - Mar 15, 2015
We will be forever customers of YardRents. We're first time house flippers, and Dan and team made it so easy for us to get what we needed to get a ton of work done to get the lawn and landscaping where it needed to be! Very accommodating, excellent service and equipment, and just super great to work with. Thanks YardRents. Stacy at Hummingbird Homes.

Tracey W. - Mar 15, 2015
We've used YardRents twice now We've used YardRents twice now and both times we were so impressed by the service. Not only does the delivery and pick up make YardRents convenient, the training Dan provides when he drops off equipment is extremely helpful and boosts your confidence when using it.

Ryan W. - Mar 15, 2015
I've rented from these guys a couple of times now, and will definitely use them again. It's super easy to set up a rental on their website, and they are really good about letting you know as soon as they can what their ETA is within your window of delivery. Their rates seem super reasonable, especially seeing as how delivery is included. I think they've got a great thing going. Highly recommended.

Heather P. - Mar 13, 2015
3rd year of using these guys for equipment rental. Great service and very convenient. I almost wish I had more projects going so I could use them more frequently.

Kellan D. - Mar 11, 2015
I rented a wood chipper from yardrents after looking for an alternative to a not so local establishment and terrible experience. I was amazed with the level of customer service. I talked to Dan about my plans with my yard this summer and gave great advice about the equipment that would make that happen. I wasnt sure how long my job would take and Dan offered to allow the equipment to be kept overnight at no additional charge so I could keep working. It was such an overwhelmingly good experience that I have been raving about this company ever since. I look forward to doing more business with yardrents for years to come. I hope them continued success and honestly, even if "the competitor" ever offered delivery like yardrents, they would never be able to compete with the service (and price) they provide.

Ryan W. - Mar 10, 2015
I've rented from these guys a couple of times now, and will definitely use them again. It's super easy to set up a rental on their website, and they are really good about letting you know as soon as they can what their ETA is within your window of delivery. Their rates seem super reasonable, especially seeing as how delivery is included. I think they've got a great thing going. Highly recommended.

T B. - Mar 7, 2015
Just rented a shredder to take care of a bunch of spring yard debris and laurel trimmings. I've used YardRents before, and as before, the service was awesome! Dan helped me get the machine in position, showed me everything to do, and was quick to respond and help out when I get it jammed. Will definitely be using YardRents again. Cheaper and easier than any other tool rental place I have used.

Jared D. - Mar 6, 2015
the service is great, the price is the best in town, and the equipment is fantastic. I rented a wood chipper and used it for 8 hours straight.

Kevin E. - Mar 3, 2015
Outstanding! I am amazed by their ability to fill a request with a quality piece of equipment, at the price agreed to and on-time delivery. YardRents is an excellent model for all equipment rental companies to strive for. Absolutely no hesitation to recommend them to you.

Tia k. - Feb 22, 2015
I am so happy to find a service that delivers. Affordable rates, patient and helpful service, and so far, they have all the equipment I've been looking for. Thanks YardRents!

Fred R. - Feb 22, 2015
I needed a stump grinder on short notice. YardRents not only had one available but was able to delivery it about 3 hours later. The equipment was in excellent condition and worked perfectly. Dan and his crew always do a fantastic job.

Stacy B. - Feb 2, 2015
My husband and I own a house flipping business. (We're the good kind!) We used YardRents for the first time on our first project, and the experience was seamless. We had a tough job, and YardRents made it seem easier. Excellent service and equipment, helpful tips and information, on time, and reasonable. It was a great experience. We feel we'll be forever customers! ~Stacy at Hummingbird Homes.

Eric A - Feb 1, 2015
Great service! To your door w/ the equipment and instructions on how to use, it couldn't be any more convenient. I'll definitely recommend to any of my friends who may be in need of yard equipment or services!

Mike S. - Jan 27, 2015
My first experience using YardRents was a great one. I had a stump in my backyard that I couldn't dig out by hand and had been procrastinating getting a grinder to deal with it. I've rented many tools and machines from United and Home Depot over the years and never had any issues other than having to pick up the equipment yourself. I got on the YardRents site and found a 2 hour rental for only $99 including delivery/pickup ... quite a bit cheaper than H.D. The schedule was open so I booked it and in a couple hours Dan, the owner, showed up with the grinder. He unloaded it, moved it to the backyard site for me, and gave me a quick lesson. Very easy to use. He left for another delivery and I told him I'd been done by the time he got back. I had the whole project done and machine clean in 30 minutes. I would have spent double that just picking up somewhere else myself. I will definitely be using them again.

Jeff s. - Nov 15, 2014
When I couldn't get anyone to come out and aerate 300 sq./ft. of lawn, I decided to rent an aerator but realized getting an aerator into a prius was a challenge. I found YardRents and Bam...the aerator was delivered on time, Ian showed me how to run it and it was done! Great service, great customer service and easy to use. Thank you Ian. I will be calling in Spring. Thanks.

Jane R. - Nov 12, 2014
First of all, what a great business concept! They deliver and pick up giant machines you would need a trailer to get to your house (and how many of us have a trailer at our disposal?), and they give you a lesson on how to use them once they are there. Fabulous! That part of it alone sold me. But then the bonus is these guys are great to work with! Really well designed web site, amazing customer service. Everyone I dealt with responded quickly, and was so helpful. I wanted to rent machines at the end of their busy season on a day they weren't planning on being open, and they opened up to accommodate my schedule. Above and beyond helpful. I rented a rototiller and a sod cutter. Loren delivered them and gave myself and three volunteers who were helping me a thorough lesson on each machine, left us with extra gas, and answered the phone when we called with problems. It made what was a bit of a nerve wracking experience - big machines with grinding blades - much more manageable and enjoyable. Use these guys - you won't regret it!!

N P. - Oct 26, 2014
Ian and co. delivered machines to help me dethatch , aerate and reseed my lawn, which made the DIY job go a lot quicker. Would recommend.

Kyle M. - Oct 21, 2014
These guys were great, specifically Ian who helped me with my stump grinding project. This is such a great service these guys are providing. I will definitely use them again for my rental needs!

Kat K. - Oct 21, 2014
I love YardRents! We've rented several pieces of equipment from them (a chipper, a stump grinder and a rototiller) and are continually impressed with their service. Communication is excellent: I always get a text when Ian is on his way and a text when he's headed back to pick up the equipment. They show you how to use everything and are always available to answer questions or swing by and fix something on the rare occasion when a piece of equipment stops working. Way better than renting from Home Depot: HD doesn't deliver (trying getting a stump grinder into the back of your car!) and isn't going to come to your house to show you how to use the equipment specifically for your project.

Kyle M. - Oct 21, 2014
These guys were great, specifically Ian who helped me with my stump grinding project. This is such a great service these guys are providing. I will definitely use them again for my rental needs!

Chris S. - Oct 11, 2014
Excellent service! I've rented from them twice now to build a garden and to reseed my 1/2 acre lawn. (And will probably rent a wood chipper soon!) I couldn't have done it without them! I highly recommend YardRents!

Chris S - Oct 11, 2014
Great, reliable service! I wouldn't rent anywhere else!

Chris S. - Oct 11, 2014
Excellent service! I've rented from them twice now to build a garden and to reseed my 1/2 acre lawn. (And will probably rent a wood chipper soon!) I couldn't have done it without them! I highly recommend YardRents!

Debra N. - Oct 10, 2014
YardRents is brilliant! Convenience and reasonable prices with great service makes this my new go-to place for yard tools. I needed to pressure wash my patio, driveway and sidewalks. After a quote from a service that will do it for me and the cost was more than the price of a good pressure washer, I decided I needed to rethink it. I didn't want to service a machine annually when I need it only once or twice a year nor did I want to try to find a place to store it. After Googling "pressure wash", I happened upon YardRents. I was able to place an order for delivery the very next day of a pressure washer and a few other recommended tools plus a gallon of gasoline. Not only do they deliver and pick up the equipment, but they show you how to use it all. The cost was very affordable especially considering I didn't need to haul the equipment back and forth, nor even go to purchase gasoline. I also appreciated that they gave me instructions and some advice on how to clean the concrete. It worked beautifully.

Carrie O. - Oct 6, 2014
I highly recommend Yard Rents. We recently rented the wood chipper and a rototiller package and it couldn't have been easier. This is a great operation and I've been singing their praises to anyone who will listen!

Nicole G. - Sep 28, 2014
Ian and team were great to work with! We rented a yard package to till and seed our brand new backyard. It was easy to set up the appointment and they arrived on time on the delivery day. Ian showed us how to work all of the equipment and gave us lots of helpful tips and pointers as new home (yard) owners. We'll definitively use their service again for our next big project.

Steve A. - Sep 19, 2014
Your stump grinder was awesome. Based on my prior experience with "the other guys" rental equipment (rhymes with Gnome Repo), I planned 4 hours to take out 6 medium stumps. The equipment was in such good condition (sharp teeth!) and so easy to maneuver that I was done in half the time I planned.

Aaron S. - Sep 15, 2014
I was trying to find a wood chipper and stumbled upon these guys. Not only were they cheaper than the big box stores, they delivered and picked it up for no extra charge. Loren was very pleasant and helpful, and when I had a problem he helped me out over the phone. I will definitely go through them for the next yard project!

Tom H. - Sep 4, 2014
The best service ever!!. Now there is no excuse for not tackling those projects around the house. I will use this service again as soon as I can. Delivery and pick up on a Sunday... come on??? really? who else is gonna do that? Don't break your back digging out stumps when you can get the grinder. You will thank me!

Judy A. - Sep 3, 2014
Rented a self-propelled Brush Cutter for field mowing around trees. Fantastic, friendly service. Really liked the delivery and pickup service (text with ETA; phone call to let us know pickup time). Very prompt. No hassles or time wasted picking up and dropping off. Ian was really nice, showed how to use the machine and it worked great. Very reasonably priced to begin with and Ian even allowed us extra time since they didn't have any order in our area during our scheduled pickup time. Will definitely use YardRents again!

Brittney H - Sep 3, 2014
Can't believe how easy and amazing the yardrents service was. Texted drop off and pick up time and they showed up on time to the minute, showed us detail instructions on how to use the plate compactor, and were incredibly friendly! Can't beat the price either. Thanks again!

Gini V. - Sep 1, 2014
Yard rents to the rescue for the third time this summer. Installing a redwood deck and was not looking forward to sanding 300 sq ft with a palm sander. Looked at Yard rents and sure enough, they have an orbital sander that worked like a charm. Ian dropped it off and away I went. This service is the greatest ever. I even told some people at Home Depot who were picking up a sod cutter about the service. We will use them again and again for our equipment needs.

Mike L. - Aug 29, 2014
Rented a wood chipper/shredder. It was the perfect size for the job, not too wimpy, but not something I needed to tow behind a truck. Ian delivered the machine a tad earlier than the schedule time, but he had already been in communication with me. He also explained how to operate the machine very thoroughly. No sense of being rushed, which is something I really appreciated given that this device can tear apart arm-sized wooden "logs" in seconds! The machine performed beautifully, and when I called Ian to let him know it was ready to be picked up, he came by and picked it up, no problem. I ended up topping the gas tank up after I was done, but when he delivered the machine, he provided a special funnel (a seemingly small detail, but refueling would have been a big mess otherwise) and container of gas in case I needed it. The price was good, the machine worked without problems, and the communication for delivery and pickup was great. I didn't have any issues, but if I did, I'm certain that a phone call to Ian would have been productive. When I need to rent yard equipment again, I will not hesitate to use YardRents again.

Jana W. - Aug 25, 2014
Excellent customer service. Excellent prices. Excellent experience. Thank you YardRents.

Brad R. - Aug 24, 2014
Amazing service, great pricing, and good people. It's exactly what you want out of a rental company.

Robert R. - Aug 18, 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Ian , who set up the appointment and, while delivery may have been 10 minutes later then the range provided, he made sure he was in touch with me to let me know, and did a fantastic job of explaining how the dingo I rented worked. Before he left he ensured that I was fully versed in its operation, had his phone number in case anything came up or if I had any general questions, and arranged for a convenient pick up time with me. The dingo was an awesome little machine that does everything I needed it to, the controls are little tiring for continued use, so I would definitely recommend taking a break every hour or so just to let your hands relax, but it moved a great amount of dirt in a short amount time.

David D. - Aug 15, 2014
I found out about these guys after having to rent from Home Depot sadly, OMG if only i had found them sooner! Everything was soo smooth and easy, not to mention the guy that dropped of all the equipment was one of the friendly people ever. The Price was super affordable, and the equipment was almost brand new. Buying a short sale house i will be needing more equipment in the future...and I will be using nobody but YardRents.

Marnie B. - Aug 12, 2014
This was our first experience using YardRents and I couldn't be happier with the service or the price! They showed up on time (EARLY even, but with a courtesy call to make sure it was OK) and Ian was friendly and professional. He even came back out when we had a jam in the shredder to fix it so we could finish up. Super service and great equipment, I would recommend them highly!

Rusty J. - Jul 28, 2014
I rented a brush hog from Ian at YardRents this weekend and could not have been more satisfied. Delivery was right on time, the equipment worked perfectly, pick up was on time and all went smoothly. I would gladly recommend this company, and I will use them again myself. Rusty

Bill C. - Jul 25, 2014
My wife decided it was time to change our front yard and so we started to manually tear out the front lawn... pretty soon we realized we had bitten off more than we could chew and being mid morning on a Saturday I was dreading going to Home Depot to rent the truck and the sod cutter... I was searching for other options when YardRents came up and was amazed that according to their website I could have a sod cutter delivered in a few hours at a cost far less then Home Depot. So I went ahead and booked one to be delivered in about 2 hours time, still very skeptical that this would work out. Within 20 minutes of placing my order Ian called and told me he had my order and in fact could delivery it in the next 20 minutes. Sure enough he arrived with the sod cutter and after a few minutes of instruction I was happily tearing out my front lawn.

All I can say is that this service is incredible!!!!! I would recommend it to everybody and I will definitely use them again.

Thanks Again made my weekend far more enjoyable than it was shaping up to be.

Gini V. - Jul 21, 2014
All I can say is WOW. YardRents is awesome. We decided to tackle a power washing job that was clearly a stretch for us. 3 car driveway and about 250 feet of fence. Ian showed up on time to deliver with Text 1/2 hr before his arrival. He demonstrated the machine and away we went. We did have some trouble with the equipment, but he responded promptly and allowed us extra time to complete our project.

I do not recommend for the faint of heart, it was hard work, but the best part is we didn't need to worry about pick up and delivery. If this hadn't been available we would have paid 3 times as much to have someone else do it.

Kudo's to you guys for this great idea and the customer service is the best. We will definately use you again.

Steve H. - Jul 7, 2014
This was my second time using YardRents. Both times, the equipment was delivered clean and on time, and I was given enough instruction to make sure that I could start it and operate it properly. Ian was available by phone and text in case I had any issues, and the pickup was on time as well. The price is reasonable, the service is excellent, and the equipment is in good condition. Highly recommended.

Joseph S. - Jul 4, 2014
I rented the chipper/shredder. WOW , I am totally impressed. This is a fantastic machine. By way of comparison, I own a small 6.5 HP home shredder with a Honda engine. I knew that my machine would not handle the large amount of material from trimming a lot of trees and removing several large ones. So I decided to rent this machine from YardRents. I was simply astonished by the performance of the chipper/shredder from YardRents. This machine can take the material as fast as you can feed it, and it took several of us to keep this machine feed. It did not clog up one time and does a very impressive job of handling large branches.

We ended up with seven yards of shredded material and did it in about three hours. It would have taken days to shred this much material with my small Honda shredder.

I wish I never bought the smaller machine since the rental on the YardRents machine is cheap enough, that it really is more cost effective to rent. It saves to much time too.

Bravo for the great business model. I wish you guys a ton of success.

July 4th 2014

I am updating my review of YardRents. I again rented the large chipper and am totally happy with the experience. I plan on renting is once a year so that I can convert all of the material I trim from my trees to mulch. The soil is very thin here so amending it with ground up material from the trees is a wonderful way to give the plants in the yard a more health environment to grow in.

Again thanks.

Joseph H. - Jul 2, 2014
I rented a sod cutter from YardRents for the second time. Just like last time, they delivered it, showed me how to use it, and picked it up after I was finished. Excellent service. I would definitely rent from them again.

Steve S. - Jul 1, 2014
They delivered right on time, and walked me through the equipment and its safe use, etc. We finished a little early, they arrived sooner than they projected, all in all an exceptional experience. Our project when beautifully, and that's in no small part due to Yardrents. I won't hesitate to call on Yardrents in the future

Josh I. - Jul 1, 2014
I was very happy with the service and quality of machine that YardRents provided. I rented their pressure washer for 4 hours and I was able to clean every surface around my rental as well as the siding and windows. They delivered it early and I had plenty of time to get all my work done. Ian was very friendly and helpful. I will use them for future projects and refer them to my friends and family too.

Lucy K. - June 29, 2014
Ian was great to work with. He was responsive and flexible to our time needs. He delivered on time and was a great instructor in how to use the chipper. We will definitely use Yard Rents again and will tell all of our friends and neighbors.

Ryan S. - Jun 24, 2014
These guys rocked! They took the time to show me how to use an awesome wood chipper and made themselves available for any questions I had throughout the day. They really made it easy!

Scott S. - Jun 15, 2014
I found this company a year ago when I needed to get rid of a stump in my front yard. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to rent a powerful large piece of equipment online. As I clicked through the site I kept waiting for a message telling me that I would have to pick a date two or three weeks out but that didn't happen. I was able to order the equipment the day before I needed it and there were several convenient time windows to work with. It all seemed way to easy. I received a text the next morning giving me an ETA on when they would show up to drop off the stump grinder. The van showed up on time and I was impressed with how new the equipment was. I received a tutorial on using the grinder and the stump was gone in less than an hour. Sent a text back letting them know I was ready to have it picked up and they arrived in less than an hour to pick it up. One signature on the iPad and that was it. It could not have been easier. I own a large truck and a utility trailer so I could easily rent equipment at any of the other equipment rental companies. With YardRents, I don't have to waste an hour or two hooking up the trailer, loading the equipment, worrying about an accident while towing the equipment, driving round trip to the rental company and waiting in line to check-out or check-in the equipment. I have used YardRents two times now and each time everything went flawlessly.

Brenda P. - Jun 8, 2014
I'm so grateful that our neighbors used YardRents a few weeks ago because that gave us the idea to rent an auger to dig post holes for a small privacy fence we've been putting off adding to the yard. Dallas delivered the equipment! Such a great guy. This is a great service and a wonderful company that I'm eager to support. In combination with our local tool library, we're covered for all our project needs!

Asher K. - Jun 7, 2014
The best service! Ian came in with the rototiller. We've had some issues to get this 300lb beast over two flights of stairs but we've solved them on the spot. Dan picked it up with no hitches added the fuel cost and we're done. Wholeheartedly recommended service of the first rate!

Joe K. - Jun 3, 2014
Excellent service, both delivery and pick up and with maintenance. I rented a "billy goat" brush cutter that was delivered to my door. It ran great for about an hour before the drive belt came off. I sent a text to the delivery person and within a half hour the company owner showed up with a tool box and re-connected the belt and adjusted the tension so it would not happen again. This is the second time I have used this company and they stand behind their equipment.

Viking Z. - Jun 2, 2014
What a great idea! They deliver and pick up equipment needed for the house. This was less expensive and a lot easier than Home Depot or Lowe's. Great service. Great price.

Patrick H. - May 27, 2014
YardRents provided a extremely convenient service. They delivered and picked up exactly as promised. The equipment worked perfectly. I will defiantly use them for my future rental needs.

Whitney B. - May 26, 2014
Absolutely the best choice! We were stuck on our idea of removing some our many garden beds from the previous house owner and installing a grass yard because we didn't know how to begin the project. We have been to Home Depot in the past and typically get stuck on where to start due to so many choices. My father uses these guys and suggested them to us so we took a look online. The website was so useful and provided the guidance to get started. With them providing a complete tilling package and all the products we needed, it appeared we could get this done in just a few hours especially with their suggestions and instructions on using each piece of equipment. They arrived on time, explained the equipment and process, plus watched us get started to make sure we understood and then the day began! We finished the project sooner than expected and they arrived on time to pick up our equipment. They exceeded our expectations and we will use them again. Thank you!

Gary B. - May 24, 2014
Dallas gave very good instructions on the equipment and then made sure I knew how to operate the tiller and sod cutter. He followed up during the day and came back to pick everything up. So much better than trying to go rent the equipment and bring it home..... Somehow. I will be using them again and recommending them to my neighbors just as my next door recommended then to me.

Daniel L. - May 24, 2014
You guys rock!! Dallas showed up early. Gave me the run down on the tiller. Super clean equipment. Communicating on the pick up time was down to the minute. I will be telling all my friends about YardRents. Awesome company. Thanks again.

Scott S. - May 20, 2014
I'm so glad I found this company. I own a truck and a utility trailer so I have used other drive up equipment rental companies in the past. I found YardRents by accident because I was searching for a company that rents a large stump grinder. YardRents showed up in my search and I was amazed that I could rent a piece of equipment that large online. I needed the equipment the next day and I was happy to see that there were some open time windows available. The van showed up the next day and I was pleased to see how new the equipment was. A quick tutorial from the YardRents representative and I was grinding my first stump. An hour later I was done. A quick text to the YardRents representative and they were back to pick up the equipment. I did not have to hook up my trailer. I did not have to drive round trip to a rental yard. I did not have to wait in line to check-out and check-in the equipment. I did not have to worry about an accident transporting the equipment. I was able to work and prepare for the project I was working on right up to the point when they dropped off the equipment. I will definitely use their services again and will be telling all my friends.

Paula F. - May 17, 2014
Wonderful, wonderful company. Easy online ordering, they give you an ETA for delivery and pickup, they make sure you are comfortable with the machinery. This is such a great service at very good rental rates. Will definitely be using them again.

Jake S. - May 15, 2014
Amazing! We could not have been happier with our experience. The staff were knowledgeable, friendly, and took the time to make sure we understood how to operate the equipment. Delivery was ahead of schedule and the equipment was in great shape. We will use YardRents again when we attack our next project.

Aaron A. - May 15, 2014
Fantastic service. Great prices and equipment.

Richard M. - May 15, 2014
Great experience, very nice service. I rented a small tiller/cultivator. The online scheduling works very well. The tiller did just what I needed to amend the soil in some flower beds in my back yard. I highly recommend YardRents, it is very convenient and I plan on renting other equipment in the near future.

David C. - May 15, 2014
I had a great experience with YardRents. The online rental was quick and easy , the equipment was high quality and in great shape and delivered to the work site. It's great to not have to worry about transporting the equipment. I had an extremely large stump that needed to be removed. I knew this stump would require a heavy duty grinder to get through it, so I rented the Toro stump grinder and it tore through the stump with minimal effort. The person who delivered the equipment (Dallas) was nice, professional, and clearly explained how to use the equipment. I had a pleasant experience and will use YardRents again for future projects.

JB G. - May 15, 2014
We rented a large Rear Tine Tiller to make a garden bed from scratch. YardRents provides an amazing, valuable service. They empower the average homeowner by allowing us to do bigger jobs. They experience incredibly easy. The delivery driver showed us exactly how to work the equipment, and demonstrated on an area we were going to till. We received a text alert when the driver was going to be here, and he was 10 minutes early already unloading his truck to deliver on time. We had no issues at all with the tiller. We gassed it back to full, hosed it off well, and our driver came to pick up right when the text said.

Besides not only being a great value (cheaper than home depot for more time and they deliver), they were friendly and EASY to create and modify and order with. We ended up with the tiller for about 6 hours with the 4 hour package due to the hour ranges they give you as options. Its great to see they aren't stingy about time when homeowners are trying out new projects.

Use them with confidence

Katie L. - May 15, 2014
They were on time. The equipment was in great working order and they were very helpful in making me comfortable with the equipment.

Michael W. - May 14, 2014
Rented a core aerator from yard rents, they delivered and picked up per the time frame I requested. Ian walked me though the in's & outs and made sure I was good to go!

I would highly recommend YardRents for your next equipment needs...beat's having to pick-up and take back after working in your yard all day.

And Ian is great to work with....thanks Ian !!!!

Carol H. - May 14, 2014
Once I decided to replace my lawn I had to figure out how! I found YardRents and voila! Yard equipment at my door. What an awesome service. They were great about letting me know when they'd be there to drop off and to pick up. I'll definitely use them again, and recommend them to anyone who needs equipment.

Scott H. - May 11, 2014
What a service! Order a machine on the web with a two hour window and it just shows up at your door and you are given brief instructions. All of the paperwork is done on an I-pad and the receipts just show up in your e-mail. Twice I have rented the stump grinder to remove some pesky stumps from my yard. This thing tore through them with ease and soon the stumps were gone. They they just showed up and picked up the machine. This is truly customer service at its best. I have used Yard Rents twice now and they are the best yard equipment rental service around.

Deborah F. - May 4, 2014
What a great service! I've worked on several landscaping projects in my yard and many projects to come. The problem I've run into in the past is that I have no way of loading and transporting the equipment needed for my projects which has limited me until I found YardRents! I wish I knew about them when I installed my paver patio last summer, it would have made the project so much easier. Efficient, easy to schedule, very helpful in explaining the equipment use. Highly recommended! Next project I plan to rent the sod cutter to remove my lawn to make room for more garden beds and landscaping!

Branden G. - May 4, 2014
YardRents provides an amazing, valuable service. They empower the average homeowner by allowing us to do bigger jobs. They experience incredibly easy. The delivery driver showed us exactly how to work the equipment, and demonstrated on an area we were going to till. We received a text alert when the driver was going to be here, and he was 10 minutes early already unloading his truck to deliver on time. We had no issues at all with the tiller. We gassed it back to full, hosed it off well, and our driver came to pick up right when the text said.

Besides not only being a great value (cheaper than home depot for more time and they deliver), they were friendly and EASY to create and modify and order with. We ended up with the tiller for about 6 hours with the 4 hour package due to the hour ranges they give you as options. Its great to see they aren't stingy about time when homeowners are trying out new projects.

Use them with confidence.

Karin S. - May 3, 2014
My friends and I took out my back lawn with a Sod Cutter from Yard Rents. It has reverse so it was a breeze. This company is awesome. They deliver and pick up the equipment. They text you their ETA and tell you literally if they are going to be 5 minutes early or late. They stay and make sure you know the equipment. Fabulous company! Really!!

Fred R. - May 3, 2014
Great service! Really appreciate the texts confirming delivery and pickup times.

Blair R. - Apr 25, 2014
Super positive experience with YardRents. They were on top of communications, showed up at my house with a clean sod cutter running in great condition, and made sure I knew how to use it before they left. I would use them again and recommend them to friends.

Dave C. - Apr 21, 2014
I had a great experience with YardRents. The online rental was quick and easy, the equipment was high quality and in great shape and delivered to the work site. It's great to not have to worry about transporting the equipment.

I had an extremely large stump that needed to be removed. I knew this stump would require a heavy duty grinder to get through it, so I rented the Toro stump grinder and it tore through the stump with minimal effort. The person who delivered the equipment (Dallas) was nice, professional, and clearly explained how to use the equipment. I had a pleasant experience and will use YardRents again for future projects.

Ben O. - Apr 15, 2014
Excellent business, and great service. I have used YardRents a few times now and it has been a great experience each time.

I would never consider renting yard equipment for anywhere else at this point. I placed an order for a chipper early in the week, Dan showed up with it on the weekend, gave me the rundown, and then left me to my massive pile of bamboo that I was eager to turn into a pile of dust.

The chipper worked great, however 2 hours later with literally the last 4 feet of bamboo sticking out of the back of the chipper the drive belt shredded itself. After a quick call to Dan there was a second chipper at my house about 15 minutes later, and I was able to finish up the job.

Dan even dropped my rental down from 4 hours to 2 hours, because I finished up early.

Betsy M. - Apr 13, 2014
This was our first time renting from YardRents and we will definitely use them again on the next big garden project. This time we rented a rototiller. It was delivered to the house on time and a very helpful young man showed us exactly how to work it before they left. The rototiller was in perfect shape and we didn't have any problems tilling up the backyard in under 3 hours. The pickup was also on time and easy, no hauling for us! YardRents was very good at communicating when the drop-off and pick-up was going to happen and it was so easy to schedule the equipment online. This makes tackling garden projects a breeze!

Aarin L. - Apr 13, 2014
Great service on high quality equipment delivered to my door. Will definitely use Yard Rents again.

Hallie E. - Apr 13, 2014
Great service! High quality equipment -- cultivator/rototiller was delivered by knowledgeable person that got us all set up to use equipment. The driver was a little late in delivering but he kept us informed about arrival time via texting which worked great for us. Yes we will use this service again!

Tim B. - Apr 11, 2014
Awesome service, great tools, and friendly employees is what this company delivered to my door. I will be using them again to complete a few more projects on my urban farm. Ordering was a breeze online with great follow up and explanation. I highly recommend this service if you like to get dirty.

Brittany A. - Mar 24, 2014
I could not be more happy. I didn't realize how much I dreaded the experience of renting equipment elsewhere until I found YardRents. They had the tools I needed at a very reasonable price, showed up on time, patiently explained everything, and were very accomodating to make sure the job got completely done even though I took longer than I expected.

Chip F. - Mar 23, 2014
What a great place from which to rent! The process was easy, the staff friendly, and the Chipper/Shredder was as advertised. Nancy was kind and patient and answered all the questions I had no matter how many and Dave was truly knowledgeable about the machine and made certain that we knew every possible scenario of what we may encounter! I highly recommend using them!!! Thanks for your superb service!

Bean C. - Mar 10, 2014
This was a really great experience for us. The equipment arrived right on time and the guy who delivered it was super nice and helpful. He helped us get it all into position and took his time to teach us how to use everything properly. I can't say enough good things about this company. I found it so convenient to be able to choose the equipment and times online and then just have everything show up at my door. Fabulous. I will definitely be renting from them again when I find myself in need of heavy garden equipment. Thanks so much!

Morgan M. - Nov 15, 2013
My neighbor told me about YardRents and I thought I'd check them out. I had 2 tree stumps that needed to be removed. YardRents had a stump grinder available for cheaper than other machine rental companies around. What sold me was the free delivery and pick up! I would have had to borrow a friends truck otherwise. What's better is that when Loren dropped off the machine, he offered to go ahead and grind the stumps himself. It took him 20 minutes and the job was done! Amazing! I highly recommend YardRents to anyone.

Morgan M. - Oct 25, 2013
My neighbor told me about YardRents and I thought I'd check them out. I had 2 tree stumps that needed to be removed. YardRents had a stump grinder available for cheaper than other machine rental companies around. What sold me was the free delivery and pick up! I would have had to borrow a friends truck otherwise. What's better is that when Loren dropped off the machine, he offered to go ahead and grind the stumps himself. It took him 20 minutes and the job was done! Amazing! I highly recommend YardRents to anyone.

JMV V. - Oct 15, 2013
Absolutely a wonderful experience. Great communication all the way around, delivered on time with a phone call ahead of time to say they are on their way. Very professional and friendly, helped us get the stump grinder in place and not only showed us how to use it but watched to make sure we were comfortable with it before he left. Came back when he said he would, took the time to go around the back side of the property and loaded the machine up. Absolutely no hassle, wish all businesses operated this way! Great experience would highly recommend (and we are picky).

Phil H. - Sep 14, 2013
Great equipment, great instruction on how to use the great equipment , and great prices with free delivery. The stump grinder is a true beast!

I will be using them again soon to completely redo my backyard lawn with the rototiller package.

Donna A. - Sep 10, 2013
I found YardRents by accident looking on-line for a sod cutter. This was my first time dealing with a strictly internet business. I was a little hesitant, but it couldn't have gone better. Loren showed up 20 minutes into my delivery window, brought clean, new, up-to-date equipment. He showed us how to use the equipment and stayed until we tried it on our own. He even helped by lending his own muscle.

We rented the Yard to Garden package. So we went from cutting and removing sod to rototilling the ground without any loss of time. We were done well within our 4 hour window, called the office and Loren came and picked up the equipment.

I will always go to YardRents for equipment rental. The price was compatible with other rental businesses, but the prompt delivery and pickup made all the difference. Well, that and Loren was helpful, professional and knowlegable.

I would recommend them to anyone. The only thing that would've made the job easier is if someone else had done it for me! (Sod gets very heavy)

Stephan W. - Aug 23, 2013
I rented a lawn Aerator. Fantastic service. Easy to use, very efficient and phenomenal to your doorstep delivery and pricing. I will definitely use YardRents again for my equipment needs.

Bruce R. - Aug 23, 2013
This was the second time I rented a Chipper Shredder from YardRents and it went as well as the first time. A yard full of limbs, tree branches and leaves from doing a massive cleanup, and it was all lovely mulch in three and a half hours! Our choices were to transport to a facility (cost per bag for them to take) or chip up. Usually I had to borrow a truck with a hitch and go get it, and it took all day to use. The free delivery, friendly driver and tutorial, and great machine made the work easy and quick. At the next yard cleanup, I will definitely call them again!

Fay G. - Aug 20, 2013
Made a Yelp account just so I could leave this review. Made a Yelp account just so I could leave this review.

Our huge backyard had grown into a jungle since we had neglected it all year and we had a serious blackberry problem that our rental agency didn't bother to warn us about. I swear we also had undiscovered plant species growing in our was a mess...

It all became too difficult for us to manage with the tools we had (weed whacker, machete, cheap clippers) so we called a landscaping guy to get an estimate which ended up being $600! And he said it would take him 12 hours to clear it (with two other guys working with him)! All of us are students so of course none of us could afford that.

We decided to try to rent some equipment and clear the place ourselves. I set up a drop off and pickup time with YardRents for the High Weed and Brush Cutters and it just cost us a little over $100. We rented it for 6 hours but the equipment is so good that we ended up clearing the whole front and back yard (with just two of us working) in under 2 hours. We were unfamiliar with the brush cutter but the guy who dropped it off, Loren, was super awesome and was really helpful in getting us set up. He was also right on time with drop off and pick up and nice enough to check in with us to see how we were doing.

We saved some serious time and money and were completely impressed with the customer service. Hopefully I won't be in a situation like this again, but if I was I wouldn't hesitate to call them again.

Gatton F. - Aug 16, 2013
Let me join the chorus of high praise for YardRents. I rented a stump grinder, and even though I had no prior experience with something like that, it was pretty easy. (I had to be slow and careful because there was a piece of metal embedded in the stump.) My neighbor commented on how good the customer service was.

Rick H. - Aug 13, 2013
Excellent Service! I really appreciate the time they spent demonstrating the equipment and how to use it properly. The pricing was good and the home delivery just made it so easy. Thank you YardRents!

Michael N. - Aug 7, 2013
Great service from Loren and the full YardRents team. Super accommodating to my schedule, the equipment worked great and my wife is happy. What could be better? Also, I much appreciate that YardRents is tech savvy - totally paperless, great on email and just convenient all around. Price is good too. Nice job. Will definitely use them again.

James P. - Jul 24, 2013
Let my backyard go and had to rent a big mower. Found YardRents, and found they they DELIVER and pick up the equipment. Great idea, AMAZING customer service. If they ever went public, I would invest!

Ramon C. - Jul 23, 2013
This service is fantastic! No need to spend big bucks on having others come clean your carpets, when doing it yourself is not only easy, but super cheap!

I needed to clean the next day (which was the weekend no less) and was still able to make a reservation with no problems. Sunday pick-up of equipment? No problem! The guys who came over and dropped off the carpet cleaner were super courteous and very helpful.

Not many businesses get my praise (or really my ire, for that matter), but this service is so affordable and convenient, that I had to chime in.

Keep up the great work YardRents!!

Cliff J. - Jul 22, 2013
Had a great experience with yardrents this weekend - they are friendly, reliable and reasonably priced!

Esther B. - Jul 15, 2013
YardRents is a wonderful service for those of us who don't have a big car or truck to lug big equipment around. Lauren was on time, professional and very helpful. I have already recommended them to my friends.

Loretta DC - Jul 12, 2013
Wow, the easiest way I've ever pressure washed my deck. The washer was delivered, set up, tutorial, and picked up for less than I would have paid if I'd gone to get it myself. Bravo!

Michael K. - Jul 5, 2013
Great service! On-line savvy! They return calls promptly. I recommend this well run organization.

Craig L. - Jul 1, 2013
Another great experience with YardRents! Their new Chippers are easy to work with and get job done faster. Delivery was on time, training easy to understand, provided safety equipment, place Chipper were I needed it and don't have to present for pick up. If you need to rent equipment this is the place.

Eric B. - Jun 30, 2013
So far, we've rented the wood chipper and stump grinder combo, and deck sanders. How can you beat excellent service, free scheduled pickup and delivery, and equipment that is in good shape. Plus, for the jobs we've done, the traditional rental places aren't even price competitive, forgetting the fact that they have the added hassle of not offering delivery. Yardrents all the way. Just another reason for out of towners to be jealous of PDX. Now, if YardRents only had a concrete grinder...

Dawn R. - June 18, 2013
I am SO happy to have discovered YardRents! I used to have a trailer and the ability to lug big, rented equipment from the local Home Depot but no longer have access to that and was researching home delivery options when I happened across YardRents online. I don't think I will ever go anywhere else for equipment rental.

Their website is chock full of information and they offer package deals and specials that make the renting easy and economical. I chose the Pressure Washing package - it came with a 4000 psi knock you off your feet gas powered machine, a wand, two 25' hoses, an extension hose and connecter, a sweeper and a flat surface washer. Way more than I ever needed but I took it all.

Then, I decided that I would want it delivered between 8-10 a.m. on Sunday (they have a nifty scheduling feature online) for the 6 hour time period - the scheduler let me know that meant a 4-6 p.m. pick up. About 15 minutes before they arrived each time, I got a text on my phone giving me their ETA. Nice!

He brought everything out to where I wanted it set up, showed me how to connect everything, gave me pointers and cautions, fired it up to make sure everything was working and - once I was confident that I knew what I was doing - he left me to my work. I got lots of mileage out of that and the deck and house look great!

Next, I think I will rent one of their landscaping packages - a tiller, edger, that sort of thing - they're a wonderful resource for folks who need access to big tools periodically. They're knowledgeable, dependable, cheerful and did I mention their prices rock? Give them a try sometime, you won't be sorry.

Lizzie F. - Jun 15, 2013
Amazing service! Yard Rentals delivered the sod cutter I ordered right on time and ended up cutting everything for me! I will be using Yard Rentals for all of my future projects.

Don G. - May 27, 2013
Thank you guys so much! You guys rock, was able to bust out our project this weekend.

Candace C. - May 21, 2013
The best rental experience I have ever had - they were prompt, extremely helpful and courteous and I would recommend them to all of my friends and family!

Janel L. - May 20, 2013
I love working with YardRents! We are in the process of replacing our lawn with native and edible plants. Last week we removed the sod and today we used the tiller package to till in compost, grade, roll and smooth out the soil and then overseed with a cover crop (crimson clover) until our garden design is complete. Loren has delivered the equipment to us both times, teaching and demonstrating how to use everything. He is always patient with our questions and glad to revise the delivery times should we complete the projects early. I also appreciate the rates and how easy it is to order the equipment and delivery online!

Paul L. - May 16, 2013
The service is great! I found YardRents online by accident. I was trying to figure out how to get a sod cutter to my house, it wasn't going into my honda. I even ordered it late for the next day. The online program was easy to figure out. They were very nice, prompt, professional, even went out of their way to help me with some muscle and went through almost 3000sf of lawn in less than an hour. I am glad i ordered the extra gas. I will recommend them to all my friends and will use them again myself.

Cliff J. - May 15, 2013
Great experience! They were very helpful and reliable.

Terry O. - May 12, 2013
I am so happy to have found an alternative to rental yards , the service Yard Rents provides is beyond a simple posting,where else can you have some of the best yard equipment available delivered to your house , set up and get the basic training to run the equipment at a very reasonable cost. This is my second rental in 2 years and I couldn't be more impressed with the simplicity,personnel and equipment.

George M. - May 11, 2013
Easy to use! On time delivery! Products that work! Why would anyone want to pay the same price at a big box store and have to haul it yourself when you can have it delivered and pick up with ease. I would highly recommend yard rents to my friends.

Rick B. - May 6, 2013
Rented the Lawn Aeration & De-Thatching Package - dropped of equipment and showed me how to use it. Loren looked at his watch and mentioned he had some extra time between his next drop-off and could help if I was OK with it! We rocked through the front and back yard and loaded the equipment back up and credited my account for the hours we didn't need - amazing company and people. I would recommend this to anyone - Rick

Lizzie E. - May 6, 2013
This service is terrific. We needed to cut out about 2k square feet of sod, but a sod cutter does not fit in our tiny hatchback. Found YardRents, and it turns out for roughly the price of a Home Depot rental you can have the equipment dropped at your door and picked up when you're done. Loren also gave us a demo and helped us get started. We will definitely be renting from this company again in the future!!

Amanda L. - May 5, 2013
Great service. Really easy to rent from you guys. It was great for us because we don't have a truck to rent from other places. You guys were so nice and easy to work with.

Matthew R. - May 5, 2013
So nice to be able to reserve a power washer (unlike big box hardware stores). Delivery and pick-up was invaluable. Overall, very happy with service and our deck, concrete stairs and driveway look great.

Reyna S. - May 2, 2013
I recently saw a van with your name on it, did not know what it was - went online and found out. What a wonderful idea! Great to have stuff delivered and get training on using the equipment - I'm so excited - sure we'll use you soon.

Chris D. - Apr 26, 2013
Great service! I would recommend their services to any one. Thanks again.

Wendy F. - Apr 20, 2013
I rented a stump grinder this morning from YardRents and could not have asked for a better experience. My next door neighbor was outside and commented on how good the customer service was. I had no prior experience with this type of equipment, but after a few hours there is now a big crater where a monster stump used to be.

Brett J. - Apr 19, 2013
Excellent service. The equipment was delivered early, it was in excellent condition and operated perfectly. I was able to completely till up my front yard for replanting in less than a day. The fact that delivery is included in the rental fee (which was actually less than a local hardware supply chain store wanted for the same unit, which I would have to transport) was the real deal maker. They dropped off the tiller, showed me how to operate it, and showed up on time for pick up. All around superb service. I will definitely rent from these folks again, should the need arise.

Anne B. - Mar 20, 2013
Thank you YardRents for the great power washer!! Our driveway looks new now! I will recommend you to everyone I know!! You guys are SUPER easy to work with and so helpful too!

Anne L. - Mar 20, 2013
So it's a Sunday and I realized the ONLY good day to rent a power washer is the VERY next day. Most businesses aren't even open, let alone able to do something that quickly. So I googled power washer rentals and found this company called "YardRents." I was amazed at the cost compared to other rentals I checked out. They had amazing customer reviews and even a video showing how to use their equipment. Okay, I thought, this looks very promising. So I clicked on "Enter zip code" and was whisked away to another screen detailing the rental and costs. I could even see if it was available on certain dates. I was able to enter my information and reserve the unit for delivery the VERY next morning!! WOWSA!! SO easy! The power washer arrived right on time the next day and my son was given instructions on how to use it. They even had it filled with gas!! When my son was done, he texted them and they promptly arrived and hauled it away! What could be easier?? I am telling EVERYONE I know about this company. I highly and whole-heartedly recommend them!!

JJ B. - Mar 19, 2013
These guys are fantastic! Rented an aerator the other day and couldn't be happier with the service. Dan even let me keep it longer than what I rented it for since it suited us both better to have it picked up a little later. Local company, for just $5-ish more than big ol' home depot, but INCLUDING free delivery & pickup!!! Plus it's super simple to schedule the rental online. Definitely coming back for the de-thatcher and power-seeder. So easy. So awesome. Thanks YardRents!

Christopher V. - Mar 13, 2013
The best service in the Portland area! My lawn is revitalized in 2 hours, would have taken me two days to do it by hand.

Nathan S. - Mar 11, 2013
So, Saturday afternoon, emboldened by the sunshine, I decided I wanted to cut down a small tree that blocks out all of the light into our bedroom. By Saturday evening, most of my backyard was one giant pile of evergreen branches. Somehow I had had failed to consider the debris. Oops. After a quick search I learned that Home Depot rents a mulcher, but you need a trailer hitch to tow it home. Also, it's giant. Then I found YardRents, and realized I could get a much more sensibly sized mulcher delivered to my house for significantly less money. At about 10:00 p.m., I placed an order and, about 12 hours later, Dan unloaded it in my driveway. We wheeled it into my backyard (through a regular-sized garden gate), and, after a quick tutorial, I was on my way. I ended up finishing early and, after texting Dan, he arrived to pick it up in about 20 minutes. Even though I had reserved the mulcher for four hours, they only charged me for the time I had it. The whole process was totally painless. I will definately be using them again.

Peggy B. - Mar 9, 2013
Thank you, Dan, for helping me with the thatching today. My lawn will thank you later. It willlook amazing by the end of March. I will get my exercise tomorrow picking up all the grass and moss. My mower started right up when i tried it again. I had flooded it when I tried repeatedly to start it. I think I'll just rake it up by hand and build some muscle. I will definitely call you again and hope to send some business your way.

Steve H. - Dec 12, 2012
This is a delivery-only service , which worked great for me. Good service, great timing, and I received instruction on how to use the animal trap that I rented. I will definitely look this company up when it's time to work on the backyard in the spring.

Scott H. - Sep 29, 2012
What a service! Order a machine on the web with a two hour window and it just shows up at your door and you are given brief instructions. All of the paperwork is done on an I-pad and the receipts just show up in your e-mail. I rented the stump grinder to remove some pesky stumps from my yard. This thing tore through them with ease. A little over an hour later the stumps were gone and they just showed up and picked up the machine. This is truly customer service at its best. I will definitely be using YardRents again.

Lori H. - Sep 17, 2012
YardRents is fabulous. These guys are professional and very helpful. They ensure that you have everything you need to complete your project and fully understand how to use the equipment you have rented. I have used them twice now over the last month and was extremely pleased both times.

I will use them for all of my needs and recommend them to anyone looking to rent equipment to complete projects.

Lori H. - Sep 17, 2012
YardRents is fabulous. These guys are professional and very helpful. They ensure that you have everything you need to complete your project and fully understand how to use the equipment you have rented. I have used them twice now over the last month and was extremely pleased both times.

I will use them for all of my needs and recommend them to anyone looking to rent equipment to complete projects.

Laura B. - Sep 15, 2012
The tiller I rented yesterday was quite the machine. I got the front yard tilled in under 2.5 hours. Thanks to Steve for giving me the lesson on how to use it. I will rent again.

Tracy c. - Sep 7, 2012
These guys are AWESOME. Very generous, great helpful suggestions during my project. They've got everything you could think of and great prices.

Jeanne W. - Sep 1, 2012
Rented a stump grinder yesterday. Service was excellent, great piece of equipment, easy to use. Excellent company - will use them again. Thanks again Steve!

Jeffrey S. - Aug 29, 2012
As always great service, great tools and amazing staff! Will continue to use when we need yard work done!!

Keith M. - Aug 29, 2012
Steve at Yardrents provided great service and equipment , at very reasonable price. Everything worked great, and the demo made it very easy and quick to use the equipment. Definitely recommended.

John T. - Aug 26, 2012
Really liked the service we got from yard rents Great prices, well maintained equipment and excellent customer service!

Jorge B. - Aug 24, 2012
Excellent service and prompt delivery. No need to go to the big hardware chain and have to worry about getting the equipment to your house. Home delivery and onsite training make this the only way to go for my home equipment rental.

John D. - Aug 19, 2012
I rented a lawn aerator from yardrents over the weekend. Steve arrived on time and gave step by step instructions on how to use the aerator. In addition, he offered to pick the unit up early if we finished our work ahead of schedule. He was very professional and helpful. I will definitely be using their services again. Highly recommend.

Lesa D. - Aug 19, 2012
I found these guys by accident ; it was 5:30 last Saturday and I remembered that I forgot to pick up a 24 foot ladder at my local rent-all. And, they weren't open on Sundays. So I started the search, willing to drive to the outer reaches to find a ladder to rent.

In surfing the 'net, I found YardRents. At first I didn't get that they ONLY deliver. No store-front. But, when I figured out how to reserve what I wanted - it was great! It was so thrilling, and made my night to not only have found what I needed on short notice, but then to get it delivered! What a score!! This weekend has been my second experience with them - again a ladder, and this time, I didn't even bother with the place that used to be my go-to rent-all. Why would I bother with them, when I can get the same stuff I need delivered?

In terms of the company, they were both professional and enjoyable to do business with. Great customer service (funny guys!). They really were interested in making sure that my ladder experience was the best it could be - and it's a ladder! They text you when they're on their way, and give you a reasonable window of when they're coming to drop off and pick up. They've got a pretty slick website, a nice logo, and did I say, great customer service.

So now I'll be doing less (no?) business with my rent-all place. It's such a great feeling to finish the job at the end of the day, be exhausted, and get to relax and drink a beer while waiting for the YardRents guy to pick up the equipment. Thanks, YardRents for making my life so much easier!

Jorge B. - Aug 18, 2012
Great service, great prices, and free delivery. Definitely recommend!!

Carin M. - Aug 16, 2012
YardRents is amazing Great communication, professionalism, instruction, prices. The delivery and pickup create ease and the instruction is thorough, promoting confidence and excitement that replace the shaky kneed tentativeness of first timers. I am now an expert at cutting sod... who would have thought that possible? ;)

This company is a godsend for DIY homeowners! I'm already thinking about other projects... maybe I want to learn how to pressure wash...

William A. - Aug 13, 2012
Another great experience with YardRents... :) Dan was awesome; very courteous and helpful. I have yet to have an unpleasant review to write about this company. Great service and great prices... I mean they pickup AND deliver. Can't beat that. Will continue to use them.

Derek P. - Aug 13, 2012
Rented a stump grinder last month and the experience and service was excellent. I had a few questions about the machine after my tech Steve had left and he was VERY prompt in returning my calls and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend this service and will definitely use them again. Thanks, guys.

Paul A. - Aug 12, 2012
I rented two floor sanders (and sandpaper) to refinish my hardwood floors. Online scheduling was easy and the tools were delivered on time. After a quick tutorial I was on my way. They even let me keep one of the machines I needed for a longer time without extra charge.

Ash O. - Aug 11, 2012
Great local business and a terrific rental experience. I highly recommend their power-wash package. Thanks Steve.

Kitty T. - Aug 9, 2012
I recently rented a brush cutter and a high weed mower from YardRents. I was thrilled to find a delivery/pickup service. The process was simple online and the next day I had the equipment needed to mow my property. The men were punctiual and I realy liked the text option to let me know they were on their way. The mowers were well maintained and easy to use and I appreciated the instructions on using them at drop off. I thought the whole experiance was economical and professional. I will be using this company again and I reccomend them. Thanks!

Patrick B. - Aug 8, 2012
I'd like to say you guys are awesome. My first rental to take care of a completely overgrown lawn has been a smashing success. I entered my delivery time and was called during the 2 hour window to be informed that the delivery "might" be late, and on top of that they offered to let me keep the equipment till the next morning! Amazing customer service!
My only complaint is that is was so difficult to find this place! I had to "google" for quite a while till YardRents appeard! STOP HIDING!

Chris B. - Aug 3, 2012
Would definately use this service again, convenient! Needing a medium pile of cleared brush and branches gone and also needing mulch for ground cover, I rented the wood shredder/mulcher. With Steve's help getting in the right place in the garden and his great instructions, it was no problem, even a bit fun, watching that ugly pile turned into ground cover in less than 2 hours. So glad we didn't buy a cheap shredder for this task, the powerful mulcher did the job for a very reasonable price, all done by 2 women a bit past middle age.

David K. - Aug 2, 2012
I was very pleased to find that YardRents had a pressure washing "package". I am not aware that such "packages" are available by other local rental companies. The package included an assortment of accessories/tools in addition to the pressure washer. From start to finish, my experience was very positive; the consultant, Michael, was prompt, helpful and professional. He spent a lot of time going over each item in the package with me, to ensure I understood everything, including the safety precautions. But, perhaps, the best part is that the equipment is delivered and picked up from my residence. I like this business model a lot!

Peter H. - Jul 22, 2012
What a totally pleasant experience! The wood chipper made quick work of a huge pile of debris that came from a massive limb that fell. Loved having this 100+ pound beauty delivered, but the best was working with pleasant and professional people! I'll definitely come back and recommend them highly.

Guy O. - Jul 22, 2012
What's not to like? Clean, well maintained equipment delivered by friendly people with the time to make sure you're going to get the most out of your rental? Several neighbors saw the truck, and we've already given lots of recommendations!

K M. - Jul 19, 2012
Lining up the rental online was very easy. Delivery was on time, and Jordan moved the chipper to where I needed it and gave excellent instructions and left me with plenty of gas. The equipment was in excellent condition, functioned very well, and was highly efficient. I got through my project in less time than expected. Then they came and picked it up, and I didn't have to be home--receipt by email. I plan to rent more large equipment from them. This is one great service!

Annette S. - Jul 19, 2012
The delivery of the brush eater and high weed mower saved me time and money. The personalized instruction saved me frustration. The equipment worked so well that I don't have to rent goats. Thanks. ANNETTE

Rob - Jul 11, 2012
This is Rob, the guy with chickens. I had to write and say what an easy process it was to rent, receive, implement, and return the stump grinder rented from Yard Rents. Mike was professional, personable, through with the instruction, on time, and showed interest in what i was doing so that i had indeed rented the correct piece of equipment. If and when i need to rent other yard equipment, i will be checking with them first.

William A. - Jun 30, 2012
Experienced YardRents for the first time today... ... All I can say is AWESOME. I love how they deliver and pickup the equipment for no additional charge. Will use them again!

Katie S. - Jun 30, 2012
This is such a great business. We rented a grater rake and plate compacter and managed to get our patio done all in one day! We will be using them again when we're ready to prepare the rest of our yard for grass. I couldn't be happier with the service and convenience of Yard Rents! Highly recommended.

Matthew k. - Jun 4, 2012
What a awesome service. Sod Cutter delivery and pickup with hands-on instruction made killing my lawn a breeze! Recommended!

John B. - Jun 3, 2012
I came across yardrents last year when I grew tired of the bad service with the larger equipment rental stores. I have used them a few times with my equipment rental needs for the past two years. Dan and Michael have been a great resource - friendly, honest, and definitely responsive.

Brett M. - Jun 3, 2012
Great experience with the Wood Chipper I rented. Michael was very professional, fast and efficient. I would recommend to anyone and will most likely use them again in the near future.

Joseph H. - May 31, 2012
YardRent's service was very prompt, professional, helpful, and friendly. I rented a sod cutter, and it was VERY helpful that they delivered it, demonstrated how to use it, and patiently made sure that I actually knew how to use it. Since they delivered the machine, I didn't need to rent a truck or a trailer, and so it was cheaper for me than renting at the local big box store, and much more convenient. I will definitely use them again.

Deborah H. - May 30, 2012
Got a lot done in only 4 hours with the brush cutter. Great service and a well running machine. Now I need to rent a masseuse.

Brett W. - May 27, 2012
The guys at YardRents really know what they are doing and are very helpful. Michael and Steve helped me figure out what I needed to get my driveway clean using the surface cleaner and a monster of a pressure washer. Thanks for all your help Guys!

Felix B. - May 27, 2012
rented a shredder and stumpgrinder today. stunning service, great machines - great price - same as last time, thanks to yardrents :)

Dan S. - May 23, 2012
Thank you Dan and YardRents. Love your concept and the customer service was even better. Never thought stump grinding could be so fun!

Lyn - May 21, 2012
YardRents is one amazing company that understands service and delivers great equipment. No need to find the nearest rental store with limited hours. YardRent was available via internet and got back to me within the hour (they promise 2 hours). Door to door delivery saved me time and figuring out how to move such large heavy equipment (avoiding injuries and possible damage to equipment), not to mention they took the time to walk us through step by step on how to use the equipment. They demonstrated and then we tried, it helps when you learn by doing. Great delivery person. They were available by phone after delivery to answer any questions just incase you can't remember the instructions or needed advise. We were quoted a great price, but it got better...since we did not use all the gas we ordered, we were credited money. YardRents is a honest reliable service. I would highly encourage others to call and see how they can help won't be disappointed. Thanks so much for helping us, we will be back!!! Lyn

Ryan - May 20, 2012
Great company!! So far I have rented a sod cutter and a Rototiller and have really enjoyed the service. They have been great about dropping off the equipment and really taking the time to make sure we knew how to use everything. I look forward to working with them in the future and highly recommend Yardrents!!

Joanna B. - May 6, 2012
What a great service! We needed a Sod Cutter and a Rototiller on consecutive days. YardRents delivered both items allowing our project to progress seamlessly. Their service, instruction and professionalism is unsurpassed. Today I placed my third order with YardRents and plan to use them as long as my "heavy" equipment needs continue. Not having to rent a trailer or borrow a truck to get the equipment home is priceless.

Todd P - May 4, 2012
Rented the sexy-beast of a rototiller last weekend ....what a great experience! The machine was simply amazing, turned a 2 day job into a 2 hour job! I was sad to have to give it back after my 2 hr rental :( The whole operation is first-rate....first, you get a text message saying when they will arrive at your place. Then, a super cool guy pulls up in a slick Sprinter van, removes the machine with an electric lift, gives a thorough tutorial on how to use it, takes it to backyard and positions it for me to start my get the point. In a word RAVE REVIEW, great experience, will definitely recommend to everyone and use them again!

Laszlo - May 1, 2012
These guys are great. I had to rent a sod cutter, but had never used one before. They made sure I understood how it worked and gave me a few helpful tips. The sod cutter saved me so much time and was such a good value considering the delivery and pick up. I will definitely use Yardrents again on future projects

Paula R. - Apr 28, 2012
Amazing! Unprecedented customer service. It's still hard for me to grasp how easy and wonderful the whole experience was. I secretly can't wait to rent with them again for my next project. Although, I guess it's not a secret anymore.

Barb - Apr 23, 2012
Took the hassle out of renting a brush chipper. I had intended to rent from Home Depot, but the nearest one doesn't rent tools and it was late at night by the time I went online and found this out. Went to, found they deliver a small chipper, and was even able to schedule right online then and there! The guys who came are real peaches and the equipment in good shape. They kept in touch with the timing of delivery and made everything go smoothly. Old-fashioned good service. Yay!

Aurelia - Apr 22, 2012
I am 5'3" and weigh 117 - I used the sod cutter alone. Bit difficult turning but thanks to the patience and expertise of the two who delivered the machine was able to complete the project. They were on time, very very helpful and picked up when promised. What a great company - and great people who work there!!!

Ruth B - Apr 22, 2012
It was remarkable that I could schedule a brush chipper rental online the night before about midnight. Easy. So much less hassle than driving to a big box and arranging to rent, tow a chipper and return it. Life has enough stresses as it is. Equipment was well-cared for. This was a breeze!

Leah - Apr 21, 2012
Prompt, courteous, great equipment, good training, and very cost effective! Count me in as repeat customer!

Matthew - Apr 16, 2012
The equipment arrived at my doorstep clean, exactly as pictured, and in good working order. Great support from the guys when I ran into trouble (didn't notice that I was tripping a safety switch). I would not hesitate to rent more gear from YardRents. They're working hard to build a great business and it shows.

Mike - Apr 16, 2012
Very impressed with service and equipment. Rented the wood chipper Saturday April14th. Delivered on time with Text message sent with estimated time day of delivery. Friendly employees. Chipper never jammed. I would definitely rent from these guys again.

Scott - Apr 16, 2012
I rented a sod remover from these guys... it was promptly delivered, I was well trained, and all at a reasonable price. I removed 1/3 of my back yard with it and right at the end, the belt broke. picked up the machine and when a replacement belt could not be found, they bought a new machine and brought it back to my house. That's great service! Thanks guys!

Ryan - Apr 11, 2012
I'm a new homeowner / DIY YouTube watching home project guy. I would say I'm a just getting my feet went with home and yard maintenance and I don't have a lot of money to pay somebody else to do the work. YardRents made my experience a breeze from beginning to end. They have an easy and helpful website where you can reserve online and watch tool tutorials. Free delivery and pick up so you don't have to. During the delivery window time they sent a text to let me know the exact time they'll be there. So Dan shows up and was awesome! Super friendly guy and knowledgeable about the tools. I got a Pole Saw and a Stump Grinder, which were in great condition and practically new! He gave me all the safety wear too! I just signed on his iPad and a receipt was emailed to me instantly. I was finished with everything in two hours. Dan sent a text for a pick up time and when he arrived he made sure my experience was perfect. From beginning to end, YardRents does it right!

Kevin - Apr 8, 2012
I rented a sod cutter and rototiller from YardRents and was very impressed with the service. Dan and Jordan arrived right in the middle of my requested delivery time window (and sent me a text message heads-up an hour before with their projected arrival time), the tools were clean and worked perfectly, and the hands-on tool lesson they provided was just right. YardRents does the hard work of delivering and picking up the tools, so you can spend your energy in the garden. I'll certainly be using their service again.

portland mom - Mar 29, 2012
This is a great service - very easy to work with - good instruction and support - follow through is great - will use this company again.

Brian - Mar 20, 2012
I have used Yardrents on several occasions and the services has been remarkably great. The equipment is fairly new and the service technicians have consistently delivered and trained on equipment use. I highly recommend using them for all of your tool rental needs. The delivery and pick-up makes it efficient, reserving time for actually doing the work rather than transporting to and from. Last rental was a pressure washer with power broom. Thanks Jordan.

Eddie - Dec 18, 2011
This service is extraordinarily good. Friendly and punctual delivery of promised equipment, and the equipment is top of the line and in good running condition. The staff is very customer (and safety) oriented.The convenience of home delivery is a major 'plus'. I highly recommend YardRents! Thanks, Dan!

GRIZZ - Dec 17, 2011
I own a home maintenance business and rent equipment I don't own. It is a pain to pick-up the tool when my truck is already full. To have a company deliver and pick-up is perfect for me. This is my first time and I will be back. Thanks Dan ! Thomas Hovland Home Maintenance

Wendy - Dec 2, 2011
Got the Goat Brush Cutter today- I watched some videos of the equipment online and was a little intimidated by it BUT our yard was covered in black berry bushes & with rocks as the surface we needed something strong. I ordered the equipment for 6-8 hours because my husband was not looking forward to doing the yard and wanted time to "relax" if needed. Anyways, he ended up doing the entire yard in about 3 hours. We contacted YardRents to see if we could get a break if returned the equipment early and they did give us a bit of a credit which is awesome and now we know the all mighty husband can tackle the yard in a couple hours and still relax when doing yard work! We will definitely be returning customers until we are out of the rock yard house.

Rich - Nov 22, 2011
Fantastic service! Great expierience. Last minute able to rent shredder. Great instruction. Affordable and convenient. Would definitely do again and recommend to others.

Dan - Nov 22, 2011
Delivering rental equipment is such a fantastic idea, but on top of that the service was extraordinary. The delivery person made sure I knew how to use the floor sander I ordered, swapped it out with the right piece of equipment when he realized I ordered the wrong one, and set me up with everything I needed to complete my job in a very short amount of time. No hassle. Great service. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Ken - Oct 18, 2011
Awesome company! We rented the roto-tilling package. The equipment worked great, and they did a great job training us. The price was great too. We will definitely use their equipment for more home improvement projects.

Eric - Oct 16, 2011
Great experience! I rented a de-thatcher, overseeder, and pressure washer package. Equipment was virtually new and worked well. They showed me how to set it up and use it so that I could get two big jobs done in a much shorter amount of time than I expected. Very friendly and thoughtful about the things I would need for the projects. Will definitely use again!

Josh - Oct 15, 2011
What great service! Super easy web site reservations. They brought the shredder out and taught me how to use it. Shredder was in great condition. Worked really well. Would use them again, very soon. Maybe I need a rototiller for my garden this fall?

Amber - Sep 26, 2011
They were great! Delivered on time and Dan was extremely thoroughly explained how to propertly use the equipment. Will definitely use them again!

York - Sep 23, 2011

HappyMom - Sep 20, 2011
Great company! Solved our lawn problems by delivering an aerator and overseeder. On time, provided great instruction, and had supplies on their truck that we forgot to purchase. Will definitely use them again!

Shawna - Sep 9, 2011
YardRents provided professional, excellent service and on-time delivery/pick-up. So easy to work with and was very abiding with our changing schedules. Excellent equipment... I will definately be calling YardRents if needed in the future and highly recommend to my family, friends, and you!

PlayfulSpirit - Sep 09, 2011
Really, REALLY fantastic company. Their customer service is excellent - super friendly, professional and they work hard to make sure you are happy with their service. On-site tutorials and delivery/pickup of the equipment makes this an absolute win-win. Not to mention the pricing is INCREDIBLY reasonable. We will definitely use this company again!

Picasso - Sep 8, 2011
I came down from seattle to paint my grandma's house under a time crunch and then the pressure washer i brought down broke. YardRents had a rental delivered to me within 30 min! Top of the line equipment, and the best customer service i have experienced, no joke. Use them and you won't regret it.

amigo - Sep 7, 2011
Innovative equipment, designed for the task and delivered to the site.An in-person tutorial taught by an expert . What more could you ask for? I recommend YardRents to everyone who needs the right equipment at a competitive price with superior service!

Mike - Sep 6, 2011
Used YardRents equipment to aerate and de-thatch my lawn. Machines were in great shape. Dan gave very detailed instructions and helpful hands on demo. Very courteous and accomodating. Can definitely recommend.

DRWhiteneck - Aug 30, 2011
YardRents provided timely delivery, friendly expertise and scheduling accommodation. I cannot recommend this company enough for anybody in the Portland area who is looking to do a little yard work and needs to rent some well-maintained power equipment.

Jeff - Aug 12, 2011
The right equipment at a competitive price , delivered with an in-person tutorial. Simply the best!

Shawn - Aug 12, 2011
Amazing service, well maintained equipment , competitive prices, & they deliver. Until now, anytime I needed to rent a piece of equipment, I always had to factor in the cost of also renting a truck if I was unsuccessful in borrowing one. Not anymore after discovering Yardrents! For me, Yardrents is a dream come true and they will definitely be my first choice the next time I need to rent equipment.

Shawn - Aug 12, 2011
Brilliant concept and even better service! Clean, well maintained equipment that was delivered with a smile and detailed demonstration. When I discovered that I needed more time than I originally scheduled, Dan was very accommodating. I will definitely be renting from YardRents again. I've already recommended YardRents to friends and will continue to do so. Overall, my experience couldn't have been better and I highly recommend YardRents!

Julie - Aug 9, 2011
Got lucky cause my college age son was in town and willing to pressure wash but unlucky 'cause the pressure washer we own (even with new spark plugs, new gas and hours of fiddling) wouldn't start! Got lucky second time when looking for repair place and found YardRents instead - a screamin' deal (price and convenience) over renting your own. They delivered, MADE SURE IT STARTED, set it up and trained the husband and kid. We are new to Portland but have told neighbors and friends how great a service this is. Suggested to my nephew he do a Seattle franchise!

Andi - Aug 7, 2011
Totally saved the day! Totally saved the day! Everything is top quality, super friendly service. Fantastic service, waaay better than the big box store! YardRents first next time.

Jessica - Aug 1, 2011
We had an ancient (and HUGE) cherry tree cut down in our back yard, and rented a mulcher from YardRents to put the cherry wood to new use throughout our yard and garden. Dan was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire process, helping us get the mulcher through our awkward backyard entrance, giving us a run-down of the equipment, AND answering his phone around 8pm to help talk us through a stuck branch. He even took before and after pictures, and emailed them to me a couple days later! I would recommend YardRents to ANYONE who wants a great rate and outstanding personal customer service. Kudos!

Preston - Jul 29, 2011
Fantastic service and top notch equipment! The equipment was delivered right on time and picked up when scheduled - service with a smile and can't go wrong with this company!!!

Jill - Jul 29, 2011

Todd - Jul 29, 2011
I love that Portland has a service like this For a DYI'r/homeowner, this is a great resource!

Aaron - Jul 29, 2011
Outstanding! I would (and have) suggest YardRents to my friends and family!

Laurie - Jul 29, 2011
We got the Package with the surface cleaner, power washer, and broom. Was able to clean our large patio & driveway/entry in just a couple of hours. Best part was they showed me how to use the equipment & it was super easy to do myself - actually kind of fun! Neighbors came over to check out all the fun equipment - really nice clean stuff. I will rent again!

Tricia and Eric - Jul 28, 2011
Tricia and Eric Rented a chipper and they did everything right: online scheduling with minimal paperwork, home delivery with rental time only starting after very effective training, well maintained machine, chipper was the right size for our job and it ran like a clock. My sense is that they have looked at the rental process for homeowners and have discovered ways to out perform other rental services through removing barriers that we typically encounter - like how to haul heavy machines to and from rental yards and definite delivery and pickup times. Would strongly recommend them for home equipment rentals.

Tricia - Jul 27, 2011
I rented a chipper after much research was delighted to find YardRents which did everything right: delivered it to my house, had online scheduling, fully trained me, the equipment worked like a clock, they were on time for both delivery and pickup, the rental was in time increments that made sense to me a user, I didn't pay for the time that I would typically be going to and from the rental yard, the chipper was just the right size, they knew their equipment. Would highly recommend them.

sprucy - Jul 20, 2011
Fantastic concept, products and service! Yard Rents is the future in equipment rental. I was so impressed with the website, delivery, instruction and ease of equipment operation. Our deck has NEVER taken so little time to powerwash - 60' x 12' - amazing! I can't wait to rent the sanders and get my teenage boys to work painting! You just have to try their products and services to believe it! What a great company - I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Daniel - Jul 6, 2011
AWESOME service today. Booked it last night and magically a pressure washer arrived at my house. Could not be easier. Great price and service! So easy I am looking for projects around the house I need equipment for now that I have a personal delivery service!

Portlandia - Jul 5, 2011
Liked: Great service, great communication

Craig - Jul 2, 2011
Rented chipper for yard clean up. Equipment was great and Anna did a great job showing how to use safely and efficiently.

Beverly - Jun 27, 2011
IT WORKED OUT WONDERFULLY!! I needed to re-do my back yard and my son could help for a couple of hours. Delivery went smooth, they patiently explained the rototiller and maneuvered it through a tight side yard. The machine worked perfect and I was able to use it by myself for the second pass through after my son left. Most of all, Dan and Anna were knowledgeable, supportive and so helpful. I have told many people about this great company--thanks so much for the ability to rent without getting a truck. I will definitely use YardRents again!

Julie D - Jun 27, 2011
BETTER THAN EXPECTED. Son visiting for the weekend and needed to put him to work but our 1 year old pressure washer wouldn't start no matter what my husband did to it! After experience with Yard Rents we are thinking we might repair the machine, sell it and just do rental! I had checked a number of places that either wouldnt do reservations, were already booked, were WAY MORE expensive on inconveniently located. How convenient to be able to arrange the date and time I wanted, have someone deliver, setup and instruct the kid on using and then come back later to haul it away! They even provided gas as we hadn't gotten any when delivery arrived! Already told people about the service.

Jack - Jun 24, 2011
What a great experience! I spent an hour working on a six foot square area with my 1750 psi gas machine. It would've taken a week. My wife found YardRents online. Dan delivered the equipment, showed me how to use the accessories, and made sure I was ready. Totally cleaned 1000 sq ft in less than two hours. And it is soooo clean and bright compared to my neighbors' driveways and sidewalks. I will be telling them all how the service INCLUDES Delivery and Pick-up, and the rental prices are extremely competitive. Much more than I expected and I will certainly use their service in the future for other projects. Thanks! Jack J

David D - Jun 20, 2011
These guys are terrific. I rented a roto-tiller, and not only did Dan deliver it, he delivered it to the exact spot at the back of my fair-sized backyard where I was going to use it. As he was showing me how to use it (and not injure myself), it stopped working. Stuff happens. I understand that. What really matters is how a business handles the problem. Dan did everything right. More than right, even. He eventually had to get some help to haul it back up the slope so he could take it back to the shop for repairs. Once it was fixed he and Anna gave me every possible option for getting it back out to me, whenever worked best for me. When he did deliver it, he even stayed and helped me with the small project I needed it for, and insisted on giving me a discount for my "inconvenience." Sheesh! I will most certainly use this great local firm for any and all equipment rentals in the future.

Marjorie - Jun 13, 2011
A great experience. Dan actually delivered our equipment the evening before we needed it as he was making his rounds anyway! Gave us a great introduction and set up the equipment. Everything was in great shape and worked exactly as we expected/hoped. Excellent customer experience, friendly guy, good equipment. Couldn't be better.

Krista - Jun 6, 2011
One of The Best Customer Service Experiences I've had in a long time. Great equipment, friendly staff, reasonably priced. And home delivery is ultra convenient! It made our landscaping project seem so smooth and efficient.

susan - Jun 6, 2011
Consistently Exceptional Service and Equipment. I've rented from them twice and they have been friendly, helpful, professional, and timely. Their rates are good. Their equipment has been excellent-- much newer, nicer, and easier to handle than rentals I've used in the past from other rental companies. Home delivery is wonderful compared to driving rental equipment back (against the clock and while you are paying) to other rental companies. So glad to have found YardRents!

Jill - Jun 6, 2011
Convenient. Reasonably Priced. professional. prompt. courteous. friendly. helpful.

ktastical - Jun 4, 2011
I Rented A Sod Cutter From These Guys and it was fantastic! The machine worked as well as was advertised, but even more importantly, Anna made sure I understood how to use the machine and who to call if I had questions. I am super impressed by the service I received; their prices are competitive but their service seals the deal. Rent from these folks.

llpotty - May 26, 2011
Thanks to for a perfect rental experience. I rented one of the power washing packages with the most wonderful (no, really!) tools for a truly incredible patio, walkway, driveway, cleaning. I saved HOURS of time by using the surface cleaner - my package also came with a power washing broom (wow!) and a regular ol' power washing attachment for those 'hard to reach places'. I did my entire front and back surfaces in about 3 hours. With our regular power washer, it would have taken a couple of days. The best part is, the equipment was totally clean, easy to use, and they even got it set up for me & ready to go. A couple of neighbors came over to check out the equipment I was using - everything was perfect. I will definitely use them again - much easier than running to a rental store & getting some over-used, less than perfect equipment...and having it delivered and set up? Are you kidding? You won't be let down.

MsRennie - May 26, 2011
Our rental was easy and fast and our lawn is sooo much better, all thanks to the high-weed mower. The lawn was seriously overgrown, and the mower took it down to manageable fast. Thanks yardrents!!

Matt - May 25, 2011
Over the course of the last few months my lawn has been in dire straits. Today, my roommate and I set forth in removing the grass, which had now grown up to our waist. Thank Christ for, we signed up to have the Billy Goat, smiter of sod, on Monday and it arrived on our front porch on Tuesday afternoon right on time. There we met "Dan" who within 5 minutes had unloaded our hammer of dawn and given us a brief lesson. He was extremely genuine, funny, and stayed around to make sure The Billy Goat would meet our needs. Suffice to say, it took way less time than we anticipated for our lawn to go from a hideous jungle to a pristine country club fairway. We called Dan and he even picked up our mower early! I would recommend to anyone to fulfill their lawn mowing endeavors

AndrewM - May 16, 2011
I just recently rented an aerator, dethatching power rake and overseeder from YardRentals. They are a fantastic service and the representatives are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They were very courteous when I called to get assistance on scheduling and were also very diligent in answering all of my inquiries. They were extremely accommodating and truly go above and beyond, something rarely seen in this day and age. In addition, their equipment was in great conditions. Renting from them cost about a quarter of what I would have paid a professional landscaper to do the same job. I would definitely use YardRents again and highly recommend their services. Skip other rental places and crappy customer service and go directly to these guys. You wont be sorry.

John - May 15, 2011
I Had a Great Experience With YardRents. I needed to rototill my backyard, which I have never done before. By default, I went to Home Depot, but my experience with their rental department did not make me want to give them my business. I googled rototiller rental and YardRents popped up. I was first impressed that they provided delivery and pick-up services. Leading up to the rental day, I had questions, which Dan fielded and was very helpful with. On the day of the rental, Dan made sure that I familiarized myself with the machine and felt confident operating it. He provided me with his phone number in case I had any problems at all with the rental. I was able to complete the project early, and after contacting him, he showed up on his way to dinner in order to pick up the equipment early. I hope that YardRents continues to do business in the Portland Metro area. They are a great resource.

Dave - May 12, 2011
Great Service and Great People Very patient with questions and equipment was in top notch condition. Strongly recommend and will be calling them again soon!

Aloha - May 9, 2011
We've rented from Home Depot several times over the years, mostly because we thought we didn't really have a choice ? or so we thought. After yet another visit to Home Depot's uninspired tool rental dept, I renewed my search for a good tool rental company and found What an amazing difference! beats Home Depot on: ? Price ? Service quality ? Quality of equipment Where else can you have top-quality equipment delivered to your home, get a tutorial on how to use it, and pay less than you would at a big-box store? Working with Dan was a pleasure. You can tell he's truly ?in to? what he does, and he cares about his customers. Home Depot can't hold a candle to If you want to get your project done without fooling around with spotty equipment and poor customer service, Dan's the one to call.

J H. - May 8, 2011
Wow. The experience working with Dan at YardRents was so good, that it's hard to put into just a few words. But basically, he has GREAT equipment, he delivers it for free, shows you how to use it, and then picks it up when you're done. And oh, by the way, he charges less than Home Depot. So seriously, why call anyone else?

Kent - May 5, 2011
Spring cleaning has never been easier. In one day, the power washer and surface cleaner were delivered ? and the sidewalk, driveway, curbs and decks are sparkling. No more green slim and moss. YardRents delivered, instructed me on the use and picked up the equipment on my schedule ? saving me a ton of time. This is one of the best services I have ever used!!! Thanks YardRents.Com.

Norman - Apr 11, 2011
Great deal! Excellent service! Knowledgeable staff! Very convenient -- especially for DIY'rs. As new homeowners trying to save money by doing-it-ourselves, we've used twice so far. Ordering online was easy and has always been prompt answering any questions I've had. During our first rental, we had planned on spending the day tilling our backyard, but it took a fraction of that time using the tiller offered by Their tiller equipment was far larger and more powerful than what we could have hauled from a rental store. This weekend, we rented an auger for fence post holes. Having never operated an auger and being unsure about our soil, it was very reassuring to practice a post hole with's Dan on-site. I doubt we would have rented an auger without having a knowledgeable professional on-site. Even better, when we realized we had to rent the auger longer to finish our fence (through no fault of the equipment), went above and beyond expectations allowing us to extend our rental time and even provided helpful advice. We'll definitely use again!

- Nov 6, 2010
Yes to YardRents! This was my first time utilizing and I am so glad I did! I had a last minute requirement for a pressure washer at a job and found through a Google search. I placed my order and they arrived promptly the next morning at my job site, helped set up the equipment, answered any questions I had, and had a great attitude while doing all of that! I worked with Dan Wakefield and recommend you do too. He was professional, personable, and very helpful. He took my customer feedback to heart and I felt heard. I will use when possible from here on out, you should too. Do it!

- Aug 3, 2010
What a great service! This is the 2nd time I've used Yardrents, and each time was a great experience. They show up when they are scheduled to, explain how to use the equipment, and give helpful tips. Very cost effective for people who need tools, but don't want to buy them. It was a breeze to set up, no hassling with delivery or pickup fees, no time spent in line, just working with great people like Anna. I will definitely use Yardrents for my future projects.

- May 24, 2010
Great Service, Better Support It is a great concept, made better by the on-site tutorial on how to use the equipment -- and what to watch-out for. Add in a stop-by to ensure that we had enough gasoline to finish our power-washing project, and you have one very happy customer. Will definitely do business with YardRents again!

Doug - May 11, 2010
Fantastic! Delivery was on time. Customer service was excellent. The drop off person shows you how to use the equipment at your house. My work truck wasn't working so going to the rental shop wasn't an option. After speaking with the drop off person it was clear that I was only going to be charged for four hours despite the fact that the equipment was dropped off at the very beginning of the drop off window.

Pratima - May 10, 2010
Excellent people Excellent service... I had plans for the front yard landscape projects for days now which included pulling out the Sod. Renting the Sod Cutter from home depot wasn't an option since I don't have a truck, so bringing the equipment from rental place wasn't an option for me. Couple of days ago, was just searching for innovative ways to easily pull the sod and YardRents site showed up in one of the web pages. First I couldn't believe since I didn't know if they were local store or out of town. Prices were pretty reasonable. Web site is pretty intuitive and the first thing that caught my eyes that rental included Delivery and Pickup!!!! To be able to see and select the rental time and what's the available window is awesome. I also called to get couple of questions asked and Anna was very friendly and made me comfortable. First I was going to rent it for a full day, but Anna gave me a time estimate and I was able to just rent it for 2 hours which saved me money. Dan and Anna delivered, demonstrated, let me do a trial run in front of them and picked up in the evening. It was nice of them to not charge me for extra time. I am planning on renting more equipments from them in future and highly recommend it for anyone who is planning on renting any tools from anywhere else/

Paul - May 3, 2010
Excellent & Courteous Service I found these folks in a Web search in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, ordered equipment, and it was delivered promptly and at a very reasonable price. Their service is courteous, professional and helpful. I've stored their number in my contacts and will use them for any future yard equipment needs. Honest and trustworthy -- highest recommendation. A+

Olivia - May 1, 2010
What a great experience! I rented a rototiller on I'm relatively new to "heavy duty" gardening, but I needed to till the yard and looked around for rototillers to rent. I went with yardrents because their prices were better than the big stores like Home Depot and Lowes, especially when you consider they deliver the equipment and pick it up so all I had to do was my project. No time wasted trying to figure out how I would borrow a truck from a friend or rent a uhaul or something to get the rototiller to my house. The yardrents rep gave me a quick tutorial on how to use the machine (which was extremely helpful as I'm not the most savvy with high powered gardening equipment), as well as a neatly bulleted list of instructions and safety features. The machine was in great shape and I got the job done in less time than I originally thought it would take me. Thanks for a great experience, would definitely recommend, and use again for any upcoming projects!

kb - Apr 28, 2010
Hassle-free and economical Saturday morning we requested an edger and sod cutter...Saturday afternoon, they were delivered. It was incredibly convenient. We didn't need to borrow a truck. We didn't need to wait in line at Home Depot. We didn't need to lift heavy machinery. We just worked in the yard until YardRents delivered the equipment and showed us how to use it. I highly recommend this business.

Matt - Apr 23, 2010
Service just as promised...great value... Service was just as delivered, equipment worked, equipment picked up...recommended service to several folks to utilize...great value at current pricing!

Chris - Apr 12, 2010
Drop off/pickup is terrific From Aerator to rototiller. I couldn't have transported either very well in my vehicle or by myself. This service made the decision easy; not too mention the prices beat the big stores.

Chris - Apr 12, 2010
YR was an awesome experience! The staff was super friendly and quick to respond when I had a question. I needed an aerator and a rototiller for some spring work and I certainly wasn't going to buy. After checking the big stores I ran across YR. Cheaper and drop off / pick up ? ! What !? Can't beat it. Awesome service and I will definitely return.

Aimee - Mar 8, 2010
I am happy to applaud these guys for their customer service. I was getting ready to build my deck and didn't want to invest in buying a post hole digger at $50 for 4 holes, you know? So on the off chance, I googled 'rent yard tools' and was anticipating perhaps some giant machine I'd have to go pick up (I don't have a car, which would mean getting a car or a ride there and back) and probably end up spending the same amount of money as buying it. Then I found which allows you to rent yard equipment for a set amount of time, from a couple of hours to a matter of days - an old fashioned post hole digger was only $5 to rent for the afternoon - awesome!! My first order wasn't much but they have so many other cool things to rent, I can't wait to utilize their service again - especially as delivery and pickup times are so convenient (and not in awful 4 hr increments like cable companies!). And finally, big kudos for their waiting patiently for me at my house - I had forgotten about the dropoff time and rushed home, and fortunately he was still there, AND with a great attitude. Plus i was able to tell him where I would leave it so I didn't have to be home for him to come get it. I am happy to applaud these guys for their customer service, great tools, and a great business idea!! I'll be a return customer, no doubt.

D - Dec 11, 2009
Great service for busy professionals without a beat-up truck I needed to do a weekend power washing project of my walkway and steps but I don't have a truck to haul around the power washing equipment. I was able to rent this and schedule it on line, it was delivered on time and the attendant showed me how to use it and I was off and running. The equipment was of a great quality and worked perfect. I used this circular attachment thing that made the process a breeze and I didn't get all nasty. I was able to complete it on time and they came and picked up the equipment. I didn't even have to leave my house! I would and have recommended this to a bunch of people.