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Brush Cutter Rental

Manufacturer: Billy Goat
Product Code: BC2403H

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Designed for weeds and brush that are too large for the high weed mower, the Outback Brush Cutter cuts a clear path through the densest brush, grass and weeds over 8 feet tall, saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter and other problem vegetation at the rate of 2/3 acre per hour.
Reasons to Rent This Brush Cutter From YardRents
Free Delivery & Pickup Onsite Training Included! Right Rental Guarantee
Recommended Protection
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum slope on which I can operate the brush cutter?
Never mow on a slope greater than 15 degrees. Always mow across the face of slopes, never up and down or diagonally. Do not attempt sudden starts or stops when mowing or on a slope. Avoid sudden turns and use extreme caution when changing directions on a slope.

How does it work?
As you walk, tall vegetation if first bent over and cut about 3" off the ground. The debris is then worked inside the cutting deck, finely chopped and forced down into the ground. The deck is designed specifically to process vegetation as quickly as possible so that debris won?t interfere with cutting action.

This brush cutter rental is perfect for anyone with wooded, dense or overgrown property. Designed for public works departments and individual property owners alike, the Outback Brush Cutter is appropriate for maintaining trails, cutting troublesome brush or periodically clearing meadows.

Because the Outback Brush Cutter has a considerably lower blade tip speed, higher torque and a thicker blade than rotary mowers, it is extremely easy to cut down tall weeds, saplings and small trees, The Billy Goat Outback Brush Cutter can manage saplings up to 8ft. and trees up to 1-1/2 inch in diameter as well as tall, dense vegetation.

Designed strictly to clear and maintain non-manicured lawns, the engineers behind the Outback Brush Cutter were able to narrowly focus on performance and safety. First, the Outback Brush Cutter offers an exclusive blade brake clutch which automatically stops the spinning blade should the operator lose control.

The Outback Brush Cutter also has a low center of gravity, which keeps it stable along slopes while it's aggressive tires help maintain traction over all terrains.

Then, by enclosing all moving parts, the Outback Brush Cutter won't snag debris in the V-belts, pulleys or drive train. Industrial-strength steel deflectors shield against flying debris, while its three forward speeds allow you to match your speed to the job at hand. The Outback Brush Cutter also offers a standard reverse gear so you can get out of difficult areas easily.
Wendy - Dec 2, 2011
Got the Goat Brush Cutter today- I watched some videos of the equipment online and was a little intimidated by it BUT our yard was covered in black berry bushes & with rocks as the surface we needed something strong. I ordered the equipment for 6-8 hours because my husband was not looking forward to doing the yard and wanted time to "relax" if needed. Anyways, he ended up doing the entire yard in about 3 hours. We contacted YardRents to see if we could get a break if returned the equipment early and they did give us a bit of a credit which is awesome and now we know the all mighty husband can tackle the yard in a couple hours and still relax when doing yard work! We will definitely be returning customers until we are out of the rock yard house.
Deborah H. - May 30, 2012
Got a lot done in only 4 hours with the brush cutter. Great service and a well running machine. Now I need to rent a masseuse.
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